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One of the listed side effects of the perfect plus potion is a supposed "+3% xp increase from VOS highlighted activities," however this doesn't appear to be the case when smelting corrupt ore (a highlighted activity) during trah hour, in the trah district... I've tried several times and the xp rate doesn't change after drinking the potion. Unless I'm misunderstanding a part of how this works, I assume this is a bug.

17-Aug-2019 00:46:52

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The description is wrong, the potion does not give 3% additional xp for doing activities highlighted by vos.

Also, report bugs in game instead of posting on forums.

Also also, this forum section is for discussion about the forums and the rs website.
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17-Aug-2019 04:04:27

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If you think it's a bug the please report it in game and Jagex can check it out and if needed fix it.

If someone posts a little help it's best not to flame them. Afterall they are here to help you out as you posted this issue.
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18-Aug-2019 16:03:08

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