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I guess with all their attention towards the game app for phones, and with other social media sites being the main route they're going down, I can never see a forum app being released.

It's a shame.

19-Mar-2019 21:34:15

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It would be cool to have one tbh, though I'd rather want something for the entire website in general...or a few diff parts of it on top of the rsof (like RuneMetrics, GE, Hiscores, etc).

If they do a web app, it's much easier and they don't have to support 2 different types of code to run 1 site...and no need to push updates to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Just a few meta tags, and a little fix for Apple's Safari link click issues...and the site can be saved as an 'app', and there's only 1 codebase to manage.

Example from a site I built and manage which can be saved as an app:

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30-Mar-2019 16:41:17

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30-Apr-2019 14:15:47

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It's a hassle to zoom in for every page. The forums do take up a bulk of mobile data as well (spent about 250MB since the start of this month)

If we can't have an app, I guess a mobile-friendly version of the forums would be the next best option? :)

28-Jun-2019 20:34:51

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