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Jack Flac

Jack Flac

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So I've read through a number of the so-called security center guides out of boredom, and I noticed some inadequacies in the securing the email one.

I'm curious as to why there is no mention in regards to checking your forwarding settings if you think somebody else has had access to your email. Sure changing your password to lock them from accessing them is nice and all, but I know full well that the first thing I would do if I gained access to somebody else's email maliciously is to set up a forwarding system to keep track of all emails coming in.

Not everyone out there is knowledgeable enough to think about that. So wouldn't it be better to make mention of that in your so-called security center, especially if you are aiming to protect you consumers with you advice?
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Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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If there is a sign of a hijacked email, I personally prefer advising to create & use a new email for Runescape only, with 2-step auth on it. Even without the forwarding thing, some email providers allow recovery very easily compared to others.

It's not a very common problem at this moment, so far I've seen it only 2-3 times that a hijacker used the forwarding system.

If the email security page was to be edited, I would personally prefer the use of a new email edit.

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