Clan names with hateful words

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J R Kerr
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J R Kerr

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I read this cause I am curious too. I have seen a lot of rather nasty neonazi nomenclature out there like variations upon "blood and soil" or "put you in the oven" lately , and I think its difficult to... well... in the UK they always have to look at damage. There is not really free speech to say anything you think is true. It has not to be something you think is true, and not hurt anyone.

right now... maybe it doesnt hurt anyone, but it has too much potential to stigmatize rs the same way that like COD has been stigmatized and will eventually die from the wounds.
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23-Aug-2019 19:59:34

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Cyanid said:
J R Kerr said:

Sounds like you're being too sensitive

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So you think racists, homophobes, etc deserve a platform to spread their shitty ideas?
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25-Aug-2019 07:08:56

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In many cases, what may be perceived as a 'hateful' name depends on a context which is simply not present in the clan name.

I fully agree that any hate speech WITHIN that clan should be stamped on hard, but the fact is that just choosing a name like "Blood & Honour" (for example) is never going to be ban-worthy, because it could be taken in a different - and inoffensive - way.

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25-Aug-2019 09:13:58

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FiFi LaFeles
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FiFi LaFeles

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Given the connotations around a name like (for example) Blood & Honour I'm kind of surprised it would be allowed. Although, yeah, in and of itself it can be seen as innocent enough.

I don't suppose Jagex would jump on a Clan name unless it was overtly offensive....I'd give an example here of what I mean but the post would probably get hidden, lol.

Maybe Jagex do a bit of monitoring of Chat for a while if a Clan is formed that has a marginally dubious name, to ensure it's members are not being utterly vile. Probably not, though.
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25-Aug-2019 11:24:40

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