Efficiency Experts 600M+ XP

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1. Do you agree to abide by the clan rules on Page 1 of this thread?

2. Why are you interested in joining Efficiency Experts? Please name any friends that may have referred you to the clan.
I like to gain xp, The clan also like to gain xp. Also to learn more efficient ways of xp gain.

3. Would you be interested in joining our Discord server?
Yes, but i don't use it often.

4. How many hours do you play per week, on average?

5. Please describe a typical RuneScape day for you. Include any dailies/D&Ds that you partake in.
Extending slayer dailies, farm run, sandstone mining, 8-10 slayer tasks, and then grind xp in other skills i feel like doing.

6. What are your current goals on RuneScape? How will you achieve these goals efficiently?
5.4. but currently 200m slayer and all skills to 120, I'm 5 achievements off my comp cape and finish the master quest cape.

08-Feb-2019 10:25:53

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