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1. Do you agree to abide by the clan rules on Page 1 of this thread? yeah

2. Why are you interested in joining Efficiency Experts? see it being promoted quite a bit by diff ppl

3. Would you be interested in joining our TeamSpeak/Discord server? sure

4. How many hours do you play per week, on average? depends as Have a child Whos 2 but i do try to play a few hrs a day

5. Please describe a typical RuneScape day for you? skilling, whatever i feel like on the day

6. What are your current goals on RuneScape? 120 pray is what im working on now.

04-Jun-2018 12:12:21

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Your previous months of gains show that you would be unable to pass probation (60m xp month) at this time. Your application has been
. I'd recommend adding some dailies to your "skilling whatever I feel like" so you can achieve maximum efficiency.
EE#1 Join Today

04-Jun-2018 19:30:13

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Hi One-lnch-lan

It looks like you are relatively new to RuneScape and the forums - welcome! Joining a clan is most certainly something which I would encourage you to do as it really makes things more fun! However, please take a minute to properly read through the introduction posts and requirements for the specific clans before flagging your interest. Where applicable, please moreover ensure that you follow the application template. I reckon you will find yourself more at home with another, more community-orientated clan starting out - have a look here!


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