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T99 Prayers

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1. Do you agree to abide by the clan rules on Page 1 of this thread?

Yes I do.

2. Why are you interested in joining Efficiency Experts? Please name any friends that may have referred you to the clan.

Because I want to be in a active clan and meet new people :)

3. Would you be interested in joining our Discord server?

I would yes.

4. How many hours do you play per week, on average?

Depends on what work and my other game brings as I also work and help friends and other gamers in the gaming community. I say 7 hours a day.

5. Please describe a typical RuneScape day for you. Include any dailies/D&Ds that you partake in.
I would log on and first I will do my two keys, check my ports, depending what mood I’m in if I want to skill or pve, after I would log off for a break then after I would log in and do something else maybe skill or pve again :), of course I would cap.

6. What are your current goals on RuneScape? How will you achieve these goals efficiently?

Hopefully this year to reach max and then after get attack, def, str, hp and slayer to 200m and maybe buy some whole set of blood dyes for a armour set :)

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