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1. Do you agree to abide by the clan rules on Page 1 of this thread?


2. Why are you interested in joining Efficiency Experts? Please name any friends that may have referred you to the clan.

I am interested in talking, i was referred by Rroox, Luna, Evu.

3. Would you be interested in joining our Discord server?

Sure, I already am.

4. How many hours do you play per week, on average?


5. Please describe a typical RuneScape day for you. Include any dailies/D&Ds that you partake in.

Most of the time i only do bosses but my daily is WB and G Cache.

6. What are your current goals on RuneScape? How will you achieve these goals efficiently?

I want insane final boss(using shb), comp cape while take some 120's with dailies like divi, farm, constr etc...

01-Sep-2018 23:00:38

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You have enough EXP and I believe that our probation will not be a problem for you. I suggest you add some dailes so you can get more monthly EXP; arc contracts, divine yews, farm runs.

Congratulations, you have been
to Efficiency Experts. Please remember that EE requires all new members to undergo a probationary period during which their behavior and activity level are evaluated. It is also mandatory that you treat other clan members with respect: follow the golden rule, the categorical imperative or whatever keeps you from flaming others or breaking rules.

Welcome to EE!

Please visit our CC and PM any admin or higher rank for an invite.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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02-Sep-2018 05:59:38

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