Merry Christmas from Jagex!

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Mod William

Mod William

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A very merry Christmas to our amazing RuneScape community, from Mod MMG and everyone here at Jagex! Also, take a look at the awesome Community Christmas Video by Will Miss It.

It’s been an incredible year full of fantastic updates: the Runespan, Evolution of Combat, numerous voiced quests, Player-Owned Ports, and much, much more!

I can happily say it has been a positive year that’s seen significant RuneScape growth. We've gone from strength to strength, with weekly events from players, record numbers participating in seasonal events- not to mention reaching the 200 million accounts milestone and achieving 1 million ‘Likes’ on our Facebook page. Seriously, you guys rock!

Feedback from the community has played a huge part in our updates this year. A vast number of you participated in RuneScape’s first ever closed beta test, helping us shape one of the game’s biggest and most exciting updates ever - The Evolution of Combat. We read hundreds of thousands of posts regarding the EoC alone – you helped us to refine the content and add important features and enhancements that you wanted to see. A massive thank you from all of us; you guys helped make the update a truly collaborative success!

We certainly won’t be resting in 2013 though; we already have huge plans underway, and are making sure that next year is bigger and more ambitious than anything that has ever gone before!

We are in the process of building more data centres across the world, which will reduce latency for players and will ensure that even more players can access RuneScape in their country or state.

2013 is the year that will allow you to play a faster, high-fidelity, pure HTML5-powered RuneScape -the first MMO to ever do so! Not only on your PC or Mac, either - 2013 will see your favourite game extend to your favorite tablet - train journeys, car journeys or simply waiting for the bus are all about to get a whole load more exciting! Also, for those with smart phones, we have some cool upcoming apps in store for you too.

Perhaps it’s in-game where you will find the most exciting updates, though: two brand new skills; a Grandmaster-level quest, Wilderness Warbands, a Construction skill rework; an improved grouping system; and the ability to customize your own game screen/interface - and that’s just for starters!

The introduction of the EoC allows our design teams whole new levels of freedom to create compelling combat content. If you thought facing off against the Queen Black Dragon was intense, brace yourself, because we are going to be pushing way beyond that!

To crown it off, we are going to take player involvement to a level never seen before in any other game. Let’s just say for now that players in game will be shaping Gielinor like never before!

We are certainly going to be very busy working hard on bringing innovative, compelling, groundbreaking, memorable entertainment for you!

I always say it is our players that makes RuneScape so special. It’s your clear passion, dedication and support that inspires us year after year to innovate and tirelessly push ourselves to bring you great experiences; crucially it's you that make Runescape - well - RuneScape! Our deepest and most heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you!

We all hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and a wonderful new year!

Happy holidays and God bless,

Mark Gerhard and the RuneScape Team

Merry Christmas from the RuneScape Community

Sit back and enjoy the RuneScape Community Christmas Video by Will Miss It:

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Mod Zach

Mod Zach

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I do love this time of year...

*sings cheesy songs*

EDIT: Why is my eye all weird... In this video. Hmmmmm


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