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Recently it seems that new Solomon’s outfits etc are being released less and less, and call it a hunch but I think maybe the team at Jagex are running out of ideas. It’s only natural you can’t have an infinite supply of creative notions, the well is going to dry up at some point.

So here’s where this thread comes in... sort of like an old school brainstorming session for a pointless workshop, your company insists you go on.

Here I’ll be spam listing random notions, hurling them at the metaphorical wall and seeing what sticks (Alan Partridge style) & I encourage you to do the same.

If anything catches your eye from this list of ideas, sound it out and we can expand on it, maybe it’ll get made who knows.

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• Frost Dragoon armour
• Edwardian style attire

• Victorian style attire
• Gemstone weaponry (Preferably scimitars or halberds)

• Shadow Dragon armour
• Knights armour (Detailed medieval styled steel armour with plate and chain mail)and gold trim

• Rose gold armour ( Similar in style to the Gold knights in game of thrones)
•Barrows before corruption sets

• Unreleased official armour concepts ( Aetherium etc)
Jobclass outfits ( based around classic RPG job systems warrior, monk etc)

• Hero / villain crest ( transmogrifies basic rune and elder rune when to look suitably more heroic/ villainous when attached).
• Seraph outfit

• ‘The Raptor’ outfit
• Icyene outfit

• Aangha pet
Tiny pet cat dressed in a mythical beast costume

• Belts / Sheathes / Scabbards / Quivers
• Single shoulder capes, drapes / cloaks

• Maid / Butler outfits
• Picnic / Barbecue set ( can only be set up outside of combat contains themed food that heals 2k hp a piece max 15k for picnic 30k for barbecue.

• Picnic outfit ( think Mary poppins)
• Barbeque outfit ( think soldier from over watch )

• Graphical update to ‘world’ outfits plus new ones added
• RsNoir attire (detective themed clothing)

• Summoning familiar outfits ( dress as a wolpertinger, spirit wolf, pack yak etc).
• Military academy uniforms daily & ceremonial / formal

• Sunfreet Robes
•Outfits based of slayer creatures ( dark beasts, ripper demons, jadinkos etc.

• 2 part costumes (works like the zodiac dragon outfit, can toggle between both pieces)
• Formal outfit (suits / evening dress

• Pantomime outfits (grand dame etc)

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• Spam outfit (tinned/un-tinned I dunno)
• Limbless Knight outfit (‘‘tis but a scratch)

• Evil little Bunnies pet (careful they’re deadly)
• Librarian outfit

• Ball Gown / Tuxedo
• Ninja / Kunoichi outfit

• OldSchool attire ( Cosmetic versions of some of the better looking OS clothing, Eternal boots, etc)
• Kamiee outfit

• Water sports clothing ( scuba gear, jet ski, etc)
• Gingerbread man pet (has different icing combos for customisation)

• Pixel Filter token (adds a pixelated filter to the filters menu when used)
• Rs Classic Rune armour (Updated to fit current player models)

• Phantom Archer, Mage, Knight (Similar idea to the Deathbeared Promo)
• Ballet outfit (tutu/tights, ballet shoes. Maybe base the outfit off of a famous ballet.

• Elemental outfits & emotes batch 2 (blood, shadow, smoke, ice)
• Return of Packs (Contain Outfits, Emotes, Weapons, home teles, we only ever got 2 packs in this style, ‘Assassin’ & ‘Dwarven Warsuit’. Some examples could be a ‘Bard’ or ‘Eastern’ General.

• Legendary pet; Peryton (Mythical stag-bird hybrid)
• Alpaca pet

• ClockPunk Outfit plus weaponry (clockwork styled distopian futures are great, for fashion at least. Plus there’s already some exeamples of this in game)
• BattleBorn outfit (tiered outfit which is upgradable as you kill set amounts of monsters, suited to your level.

• GnomeAir flight attendant outfit
• Atist / painter outfit + emotes

• Business Suit

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