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F2p space should only count for f2p items

while p2p items should count for p2p space.

this is due to the issues after losing membership from bank space over-filled, items no longer keeping their placeholders so if you have "all" selected in the bank you will lose that space.

These items should not count against my bank and should not remove my placeholders if i withdraw all.

edit: made it more readable.

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Support. I'm lugging around some p2p items everywhere I go right now (I go between f2p and p2p). It really helps to be able to go to f2p without having to worry about storing f2p items or accidentally withdrawing p2p items.

By the way if you're carrying your coin stack around you can "store" it in the GE. For example, if you have 1m gp you can just put in a buy order for 1m runite bars at 1gp a piece. That's what I'm doing currently.

17-Nov-2019 19:25:35

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