Buying Keys promotion issue.

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PLEASE SEE PICTURE IN MY FINAL POST IN THIS THREAD :) [I messed up like 5 times haha] Hello, I'm hoping to get the attention of a Jmod or someone who will be able to assist me in resolving the issue of 100 missing keys. I've gone out and bought a prepaid card to purchase the 250 TH key pack, but upon visiting the store the only option is 200 or 450. (doubled to 400) This is a BIG difference and as 500 keys are advertised I would very much like to get the offer shown. Please help! Will be making the purchase as soon as I am certain I'll be given the offer advertised! Thank you for your time and help! :)

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I should win 900 keys for the price of 450 but for me nothing has changed :@

I want you to take my money jagex help me to help you :D

for all my friends accs the promotion works but don't work in no one of my accs help me jagex

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