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I just purchased some keys for treasure hunter and when i went to redeem some XP from some stars the skill didnt even level up. I received a 5x multiplier of stars and used it to get the remaining 10k of Xp to level divination up and supposedly was given 50k but no level up. why was this?

15-Aug-2017 01:00:26

Dark Guthix
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Have fun getting 2x the xp in the skill that you're gonna be training in @Speckledorf.

All stars wether they be prismatic or related to the skill that it indicates be it a small, medium, large or huge star won't give direct xp to the skill they are put on, but give bonus xp instead as others before me have stated in their posts.

The only items from Treasure Hunter that will give you direct xp into the skills are both prismatic lamps and skill related lamps.

XP gained from the lamps wether they are small, medium, large or huge depends on the skills level.

A good example would be that a skill that is oh say level 55 will get less XP than a skill that is level 65.

Also this is just out of curiosity on my part, but do you have any Water balloons from taking part in the Beach Party Event that is currently going on?

If so pop those to get xp as 100 of them will get you 10x your skills level in xp.
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Made ya look!! :P

15-Aug-2017 16:55:37

La Deprimee

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Stars reward you with bonus experience (which is applied toward the skill whilst training). Lamps are the only reward that provide actual experience in the selected skill.

Happy training! :)
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