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So I tried recovering my account. Have all needed info for the account but I never recieved the emails saying if the appeal got denied or accepted. Tried to do it with 2 different emails. Is this a couple days for it to email with results? Also... to the hacked part. How does someone hack me with a secured email, auth, and I change my password almost every month. My account is still connected to my Facebook but it has a new authenticator and a new password and email. How did they bypass all my security without me knowing? I've never shared my account, gave my passwords out, change email frequently and password.

10-Jun-2019 19:39:35

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Sorry to hear that you're being hacked and having trouble with getting responses on the appeal. Normally it can take up to 24 hours before you get a response, you might want to take a look here.

You had the authenticator enabled, change your password from time to time which is good, but did you maybe login on a phising website from an email? Information about phising emails can also be found here.

You might want to try another recovery.

If you've any questions, please let me know. Best of luck!
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10-Jun-2019 20:05:05

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