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Jul Member 2019


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Dear Mods,
Four years ago, 15th of September 2015, my account was permanently banned (RSN: Simply Bully). I admit that I idiotically abused a bug where I gained 200m worth of items. At that time I had no idea what the rules were. Now four years later, I almost maxed this account with a 120 as well. I have had no offenses on this account in 4 years which shows that I am a true scaper that plays the game because of his love to it. I do not see why this ban has to continue after all this time and it would mean the world to me if the ban was removed and my bank cleaned. That account was my childhood and I would love to be able to go on it soon.

I hope you take this into consideration.

13-Jul-2019 14:31:11

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Iggy List.

You can't appeal it here on the forums , but since you admit that it was a correct applied offence (Bug Abuse) , then are there only bad news for you.

If you look into this article :

Is that one of the offences , there can't be appealed at all , so that account are really long gone.

Sorry about the bad news. :)
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13-Jul-2019 14:51:50

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Thanks for replying Skod River. I understand how series my offence is, but I'm hoping a mod would be generous enough to take my appeal into consideration seeing that I have behaved myself through all these years.

13-Jul-2019 15:10:49

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The Account Bans page in the Support Centre, which Skod River referred you to above, provides information on bans, which type are appealable or not, and how to appeal them.

As the Forums may not be used to appeal or protest account bans, this thread is closed.

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13-Jul-2019 23:05:58

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