Streamer scammed me

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17-Jun-2019 18:19:49

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Barev Axper.

First of all, naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums, so I suggest you edit your post and remove the names, and all the screenshots containing names. I'm afraid screenshots are not reliable evidence, as they are too easy to tamper with.

You can send some information by email to
and they will investigate, though please note that email is for reporting only, so you won't get an individual reply, and it is not a way to get your items back.

I had a quick look through the stuff you posted, and I see nothing to link the streamer you name with the person on Discord or that particular in game name. I think you've been duped into thinking it's the same guy, when in fact it isn't.

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The opening post is quoted below, with the content removed that either names and shames or provides links to the scam channel, neither of which are permitted on the forums.
Barev Axper said:
Dear community,

A known streamer named ''[Edited]'', in his streams known as ''[Edited]'' scammed me for my whole bank.

I mean like 30m which I dont really care about, but I really want this guy down. He streams different accounts on his stream and wanted to stream my account too while doing Jad. I accepted it and basically everything went good.

He looked like a trustable guy, but ended up being a snitch for 30M ingame.. I told him before I would've donated 10 dollars if he streamed, guess people like rs money more.

But the fact that he scammed makes me angry, not the amount. Why would you do that while having 5k followers on stream and grinding your life for runescape.

I have some links to pictures as proof and a link to his twitch:

- [Edited]

- [Edited] (Picture ingame talking to him)

- [Edited] (Discord conversation)

- [Edited] (Giving the pass and name)

- [Edited] (Picture of me getting blocked)

- (My bank after getting scammed)

I know it is my fault that I gave my pass, I won't do that again. I just want this guy to suffer.

Help me out, I was just naive.

Thank you

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17-Jun-2019 19:46:05

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