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Jade Pebble
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hi I am posting to ask to be put on the list for the too many login attempts upon trying to log onto my char. I have checked with my av and tried malawarebytes and they say my computer is clean. I have checked updates and there are none for my computer at this time. The problem started sunday june 2. I also uninstalled and rebooted then reinstalled rs with no change. I have also done the ipconfig /flushdns and it does not seem to help. I also followed the help pages on rs support which also has not helped. I can sometimes log on by reclicking the login button but most times it puts my char on lock out =(
I also noticed that when I stood too long in 1 spot the auto log out does not complete and freezes forcing me to close the whole page and wait few min b4 trying to log on.
I can log into a noob char I have with no problems but I try this char and it is too many login attempts. I hope this can be fixed soon as I am reading from the forums that there are others too going through the same as I am. Ty
This happens to both runescape 3 and old school runescape.

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This might be a server side issue, as to my knowledge, the servers are under heavy strain and they are implementing new things into both games this week.

Also, security-wise, do you have 2-Step Authentication enabled? If not, do so asap. It might be that someone is trying to get into your account. Also change your password for good measure

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear about your issue, but keep it nice if someone tries to help you? What support pages did you look into, also what is the exact error message you're getting?

You're able to login on your other account without issues, does your main account have any active sessions (mobile) maybe?
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Jade Pebble
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Jade Pebble

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I went through the information each and every step that was on the support page here on runescape's support page...secured my comp secured my email secured my char as much as I possibly can....

I did state that above and felt that blazeakin was trying to shame me. It is not my fault when I first go to runescape that I get "too many login attempts from your address". another message is "you have been blocked from logging in, please try later" this also was first attempt to log on yesterday. I have treated this as a possible hacker trying to get my char and followed all advise from the support section's help pages. All I was asking was that a jagex rep plz allow my char to be listed on ne list that is available for this problem to be looked into as it appears I am not the only player who is going through this problem. And for my noob char I can log in no problem and see no messages like my main has been experiencing.

Thank you very much for placing my char on a list for possible help with the login messages I have been going through lately.

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Hi Rainbowbear.

There are some login issues at the moment which can cause some problems, but I'm not entirely sure that explains everything you've described.

The other, less likely possibility is that someone else is trying to log in to your account (but not succeeding, so they don't have the password, just the login name). There's not much you can do about this unfortunately, other than make sure your PC and email account(s) are secure, just in case. There's some advice on that here:
Security Advice
Keeping your email secure

If the problem continues, post here again, or tweet me and tag @JagexSupport as well.

In the meantime, I will flag the account for a jmod to have a look at.
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I've hidden an off-topic post.

I hope that the advice has been helpful, Rainbowbear, and please follow up as mentioned, if you have further questions.
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