Lost everything once again.

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Have you ran up-to-date Malware/Virus software to clean your PC?
Have you gotten rid of 3rd-party applications and used Jagex-only applications?

If not, why are you complaining? More so, why are you insulting the people trying to get you to understand that these are holes for intrusions?

Nobody here cares if the software is open-source or not, and neither should you. Are you, personally, capable of reading the code in that software and acknowledging that it's clean? If the answer is no, you're taking it on good faith that others have and aren't lying to you.

Do not assume something is alright simply because someone else said it was alright, no matter what the consensus is.

If you're being hacked constantly and you've taken known steps to protect yourself, secure everything that could be left open to intrusion.

Stop making excuses. Stop attacking people trying to help you. Stop being bullheaded.

It's not going to hurt you to scan your PC.
It's not going to hurt you to opt over to Jagex's client, even if temporarily to see whether or not it happens again.

It's a process of elimination, not a process of 'I assume everything's okay that I don't want to bother with.'

08-Mar-2019 05:58:38

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The fact is, the OP has a compromised system, and doesn't know how it's been compromised.

The better class of malware is capable of eluding detection software that is installed on your PC.

I suggest that the OP uses one of the online scanners hosted by major antivirus vendors, and sees whether that comes up clean as well.

Also, note that ANTIVIRUS software will not find all types of MALWARE. You need to run both a/v and antimalware checks, not just one of these.

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David James

David James

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So OP has made threads that he was hacked before? I haven't exactly been keeping track of OP and his forum history.

Dunno about making duplicate threads, but he has admitted to being hijacked several times already yet thinks there's nothing fishy on his PC and has started to lash out at people attempting to help him.

08-Mar-2019 08:22:06

Skod River
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Well i don't see my self as a expert , just know how to protect my system/device's/emails and that WAS something i learnt in the hard way.

Lost one account , and didn't have any clue of why it happen (are not born and raised with computers) , but i found out that 1 computer for 2 adults and 2 kids are so bad if you have no clue of security and all that.

Some of the best advice's i got about security and all that came from the RS community , came back 09 and has never been in trouble since ;)
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08-Mar-2019 10:24:42

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Assuming you are using an authenticor, If someone has hacked your account, re-register your authentication, and make sure RuneScape requires your authentication code for every login in-case a hacker has gained access to your IP, and copied it into their systems to trick RuneScape into thinking it is you.

Also, never visit malicious sites masquerading as RuneScape, and never click links to RuneScape unless they are trusted.

Good luck in the future,
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CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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So let's just end this by having gotten to the conclusion that

1# If the answer is not already pre-written in the "support" section of the jagex automated support. you will not get any help.

2# If you make the mistake of still asking for help with the only place you can get human interaction which is the forums. You will be bombarded by the obvious things you already did and told that jagex dont care at all and wont support anything to do with hacking (even hiding hackers IP's) *clap clap*

I figured with a history of hacking in the very core of Jagex staff members previously they would take theese matters A TAD more serious but they are still just throwing the hands in the air and shaking their head... I've said it before and I'll say it again. the lack of support in this game is what is gonna end it eventually.

08-Mar-2019 22:39:41

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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@BroguardRS: I had to remove some of your posts and quoted another one without the content that is considered flaming or trolling too. Also please rest assure that we do take account security very seriously and we do provide tools and advice for you to do so.

Here are also some account security tips:

I understand your frustration as nobody enjoys to be hacked but the community has only been trying to be helpful and share their own experience or information with you. Everyone is always free to either take the information or not, so I would recommend being more kind to them. :)

@David James and Renny II: I had to remove some of your posts as well but I understand that they were made in response to defending the participants of this thread and yourselves.

I will now move this thread to the "Community Led Account Help" forum where it will have a better place and keep it unlocked as long as it stays constructive and does not derail. Thank you for understanding. :)

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