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After having started playing again just a couple months ago, my brother and I set out to reminisce by playing an old mmo that was very near and dear to our childhoods. I put in over 200 hours since starting a new journey to now log in and find that my account and everything I had saved and worked towards was stripped from my account. Now I don't usually care about online things, but in a game like this players invest much more than just their time. Then to find that without any fault of my own, I was hacked with nothing but a few placeholders in my bank account, I'm pretty devastated. I was shocked and awed by the community support and how much the player base had grown and how much new players were welcomed back to the community. It made me fall in love with the game all over again, but to discover that all of my hard work was stripped from me overnight is too much. I had no idea that the hacking in this game was so out of control that I could do nothing and all of a sudden find that I lost everything. I'm done with this game forever because this experience has literally spoiled my excitement, and obliterated the goals I set for my character in game. I'm beyond words and beyond disappointed with where my time in game has led and I cannot fathom logging back in to literally nothing but scraps from an experience I had been so mesmerized by prior to this moment.

And to any hackers out there, I hope that you're happy with ruining another persons enjoyment of an experience. Shame on you.

09-Mar-2019 08:57:48

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It is not "out of control" - your account security is in your control - as you agreed to when you made the account.

Did you have Authenticator?
Did you have a unique password?
Did you have a Bank Pin?
Does your Email have a 2 part login?
Do you use a third party client?
Have you been directed to any off site pages?
Have you scanned your computer with a Malware program (as well as Anti-Virus)?
Are you the original maker of the account?

09-Mar-2019 09:38:34

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