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Hi I have a come across this account I which I played RuneScape years ago which was my main And my childhood. DRAGONEDGE11 as it doesn’t display my name but thats my login. It has been fully reset but will still login with the exact same details from all the years ago, anything I can do?:(((((

25-Jun-2019 01:47:18

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Which version of the game are you logging into?

Your stats from when you played before should still be on your account in RuneScape (RS3). However, if you have been inactive for a long time, they will no longer show on the RS3 HiScores table until you become active again.

If you logged into Old School RuneScape (OSRS), that is not the old game that you played, but the newer game that was released in 2013, but based on a backup of the game only (not user) filesfrom 2007. Everyone starts from scratch in that version. See the Dude... where's my stats? article in the Support Centre for additional information on that.

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25-Jun-2019 02:15:40

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Your items are probably on the main game.. which is the continuation of the
game you used to play.. its now known as RS3 and has been greatly upgraded
and changed in years past.

OSRS is a new game came out in 2013 and everyone had to start over with
stats and items. Its lots different than the 2007 version its based on. It too
has had lots of upgrades. It just didnt get the new graphics or combat system.

your log in credintials will be used for both games but you can only play one
version at a time. You could play both .. just at different times.

If you choose to play RS3 where your stats and items are PM me in game.
I dont mind helping you get used to all the new things.
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25-Jun-2019 02:47:09

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