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I cant access my email to disable my authentication. is there anyway I can remove the authorization code? I cant not get int it. I have tried several times. It will not let me. I lost my information for the email and password. It was on my phone and I have a new phone now. This is my account. I have spent a lot of time into this account I do not want to loose it. Can you help me please?

09-Mar-2019 02:23:33

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Hi there

If you cannot access the registered email of your RS account, it is time you updated it!

Jagex have a method to update the email when you don't have access to the current one:
Go to the Changing your registered email support page and follow the instructions under "Don't have access to the registered email?"

Essentially you will be doing a recovery on your account but you need to prove that you are the true owner of the account before Jagex will reset the registered email for you.
A successful recovery will allow you to update the email, force you to set a new password AND auto-disable Authenticator for you.
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