What Happened to my Membership

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Maybe I'm missing something completely here; But can someone fill in the blanks for me here?

I'm eastern time zone, to set the record.

Last night at 23:00 Eastern on March 6,2019, I had 2 days of membership remaining on my account, as communicated by the little notification when you log in.
This morning at 07:00 Eastern on March 7,2019. I try to log in and it says "you must have a membership to log into this world"

Now I don't know when the change over would be for calculating "days remaining" but how can I lose 2 days of game time in an 8 hour time period?

Anyone have anything similar happen? what am I missing here?

Shout-out to anyone who can reply with any information

07-Mar-2019 23:11:54

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Hi there

Firstly, check the confirmation of payment you received at the time you made your last payment.
You will have received both an email and a message in the 'Messages' tab of your account.

This message records the date the payment was made, whether it was a Bond redemption or an ordinary payment and you should be able to work out when your membership was due to expire.
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07-Mar-2019 23:30:36

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