TwitchPrime Linking gone wrong

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Hybrid Bible

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Hey so long story short i was in a rush to get the new membership on my new account. As i was in the process of linking RS account to twitch, Runescape website decides to auto log in one of my old banned accounts and as i was waiting for the "login" i was just accepting prompts and i noticed something wrong and by that time it was too late and linked to the wrong account, i know i should of taken my time but setting up twitch prime was annoying enough and i was in a rush. Can i please get assisted i can supply all information needed!
Thank you x

06-Feb-2019 12:20:22

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There's still 'official support'?

I suspect this isn't the right place to post, though, as it's less about a technical issue and more about the wrong account being associated with your Twitch account.

Not gone through the process myself, but you might get more success if you ask for your thread to be moved to Account Help.

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06-Feb-2019 13:53:51

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