Black screens, NXT and Linux

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When using the NXT client on Linux, I (seemingly randomly) have an issue where the entire game screen will turn black. Had it happen a few times on the Burthope agility course, and had it happen on the cutscene during the Wolf Whistle quest. The UI is still visible, and game objects in the world can still be interacted with if I hover my cursor on them.

Edit: I'm currently trying out R600_DEBUG=nir to see if that helps in-case it's related to shaders.

- Fedora Workstation 29
- Kernel 4.20.5

- AMD RX 580
- Mesa 18.2.8
- DRM 3.27.0
- LLVM 7.0.0

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You're using the open source graphics driver. I was going to suggest trying the amdgpu-pro driver but the results from my Google searches about doing that suggest the driver can't be installed in Fedora 29.

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