I can't see what I'm wearing

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Apart from weapons and shields, I can't see anything that my character is wearing. I first noticed this in the M&S Beta, and thought it might be a bug with the new armours, which I duly reported. At the time, I didn't test it out further.

When the M&S Rework went live yesterday, I made myself a set (platebody, platelegs, full helm and kiteshield), of orikalkum armour. When I put it on, I couldn't see it, although it was there in the Worn Items interface. Again. I reported it as a bug.

Then I investigated further, with Bronze armour, not a new item. Again, I couldn't see it. Then I tried Black Dragonhide armour, nothing to do with the M&S Rework. Again, I couldn't see it.

I've tried reinstalling Runescape, in case the game files were corrupted, but I'm still getting the same effect. I'm not into Fashionscape, but this graphical problem is a nuisance. It does help to see what your character is wearing without checking the Worn Items interface.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for fixing it?

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