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Hey, I've been unable to play the game due to a firewall error.
I have checked my firewall and there were no issues there.
I've reset my laptop, reinstalled the game and nothing works:/
please help
ive also turned off fire wall and tried loading the game and it still hasnt worked.

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Getting the same error. I can connect to the website on my LTE phone but turn on WiFi and nothing. Other pages load fine both on and off of PC, WiFi and phone. Only able to post this no the phone LTE.

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I will never understand why people post on this board about issues, especially those that appear resident on their networks, without providing technical detail, error messages or context, and expect a magic resolution.

I'm well out of touch with the most common issues seeing as I never seem to experience any but, even then, it's surely incumbent on the one with a problem to provide the detail, rather than others taking potshots at what the issue is..

Why don't you provide some information abuot why you feel it's a firewall issue, your network configuration, details about your firewall software/hardware as well as what measures you've taken to try and diagnose or troubleshoot the issue...

Just seen another thread, with more detail, and apparently the same issue.
Where are you trying to play from, and what is your ISP?

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