NXT Client makes my PC stutter

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Valena Rouge

Valena Rouge

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Hello, I recently returned to playing and have come across an issue I can't seem to get rid off. I have already attempted several methods to try and fix it to no avail, so here I am pleading for any insight.

Basically, the game will cause my entire system to stutter for a split second every 3 or so seconds, though this mostly occurs when trying to run two clients. The whole PC will stutter; the game itself, other games, videos, even just scrolling down a webpage or moving my cursor through the desktop. Worth mentioning, there's no audio hiccups whatsoever, granted my setup isn't connected to the GPU but to the motherboard. Another point to note is that seemingly only RS causes this problem, everything else I do in my PC doesn't reproduce it.

I have tried reinstalling the client, re-downloading the cache, clean-installing NVIDIA drivers, disabling GPU audio, changing settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel, and other things I can't remember. Lowering the second client's graphics to minimum however often is a workaround, at least for a while. I also noticed that just enabling textures triggers the stutter again and stops after disabled.

I'd blame my hardware, but nothing seems wrong and everything works fine, it's really when I open up RS that this pops up. It indeed would appear it'd be a GPU fault but the usage is low, the FPS are a constant 120 (except during stuttering) plus this doesn't happen in any other game or application that use up all the card's power.

My computer specs:
Intel i7-2600K (stock)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
AOC G2460PF (1920x1080 120hz CVT-RB)

Additional info: I've used different screen configurations, I've run tests such as Prime95 with no errors and overall my voltages and temperatures seem perfectly fine.

I have no clue what else to do, I can only just run one client or two with low visuals, with neither being a solution.

Anyhow, I appreciate all who dare reading through all this and try to aid me. Cheers. :)

11-May-2019 16:08:23

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Sounds like you're resource starved to me.
That's not a very large amount of memory, and your graphics card doesn't impress either.

The game is far from efficient in its use of resources, and opening two clients at that resolution (assuming fullsize native) wouldn't be an insignificant load, depending of course on your graphics settings and FPS target.

Go into your graphics setting and lower some of the more expensive post-processing options. Also, reduce your FPS target to say, 30 or so. Medium graphics options and reduced draw distance may also save resource.

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Valena Rouge

Valena Rouge

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Thank you for your reply. :)

I actually play using both clients side-by-side with my GPU not going above 30-40% usage and VRAM at most sitting at 90% in the absolute worst case. System RAM hardly goes past 5GB, so in all it doesn't seem like a lack of resources. Also, I've ran RuneScape for years using this exact same hardware and graphics setup and never had this issue occur, it really just started happening recently after returning.

I have already tried many different visual settings, and to run both clients without causing the stutter I have to play on minimum with one of them. Nonetheless, the issue can still happen at any given point, even with just one client up, although this is thankfully quite uncommon.

The way I see it, there appears to be some sort of interference related to having RS open which makes my entire system stutter like this and so far I just have been unable to isolate the root of the problem. Considering how this has panned so far, it could well have been anything from a simple system/game update to an actual hardware fault I have yet to diagnose. I guess I'll just have to keep on looking... :|

12-May-2019 15:39:59

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I have experienced a similar sounding issue on Windows 10 recently, it may be the same issue.
So I can confirm it is the same issue can you please open Task Manager and click Resource Manager under the Performance tab. Once in Resource Manager click on the Memory tab and from there can you please post here what the values for Standby and Free memory are.

It would be best to do this while the stuttering is actually occurring. If it's what I think it is I will have a tempory fix for you.

Edit: Actually post all the values from that page from In-Use to Free.
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Valena Rouge

Valena Rouge

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Thanks for your response. ^_^

I was just coming around to posting that my problem seems to have suddenly gone away today, apparently all on its own accord... O_o

I can't really think of anything I may have done to make the issue stop, but I can't complain. However, I surely won't relax so soon, but will cross my fingers and hope for the best. As of now, I am back to playing with both clients on the High preset without any troubles whatsoever, just like I always used to.

In any case, please do let me know what was causing the similar issue on your system and the steps you took to solve it. I'll be leaving a print of my memory usage at this exact moment as a reference, despite of course not being a reflection of whatever faulty behavior it may have had during the stuttering.

EDIT: As I feared, it is happening again. I'd post another print of the memory but nothing actually changed much, if at all. I also haven't done anything particularly different to have reinstated the stuttering, it just seemingly returned on its own exactly just as it'd gone away before... Sigh. :|

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Alright from what I can see it is most likely the same issue as I had, seems to be a widespread issue at the moment across most Windows platforms.

Basically, Windows is using your RAM to cache frequently used files into Standby Memory but doesn't release those files before completely using up all available RAM. The stuttering you're seeing is a result of the system being forced to use your Paging File. (In layman's terms a Paging File is basically storage on your hard drive used as a slower alternative to your RAM)

The program we're going to be utilizing is RAMMap, a Microsoft system utility that is able to clear the files in standby memory. When the stuttering occurs you can repeat the below steps as a temporary fix.

Please close any RuneScape clients before following these instructions
- Install RAMMap:
1) Click here and install RAMMap which is a Microsoft-developed utility.
2) Save and unzip the file.
3) Run RAMMap.
4) At the user license terms panel, click I Agree.
5) The RAMMap panel is now open and you have a detailed graphical representation of the RAM state of use.
6) Click Empty in the menu bar and select Empty Standby List to free the Standby Memory.
Do not click any other options in the Empty menu!
7) Close RAMMap and try using the RuneScape client.

A more permanent solution would be upgrading your RAM from 8GB to 16GB. For most systems these days I'd recommend 16GB minimum if you're intending to game.

Please let me know if this fixed your stuttering issue.

Edit: For some reason the link BBCode won't work, just Google "RAMMap" and it should be the first page that pops up from "".
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Valena Rouge

Valena Rouge

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Thank you for the detailed solution attempt provided. :)

I tried using the RAMMap tool as suggested, it successfully freed the cached memory but using the two clients again caused the stutter, only stopping after setting one of them to minimum settings. The stand-by memory didn't change much to supposedly become the issue.

If it means anything, the issue is now different (I take it it worsened?) for whatever reason: instead of stuttering a single time every 2-3 seconds or so, it will now stutter twice in quick succession and repeat every same 2-3 seconds.

I guess the issue is something other, perhaps a faulty RAM stick, a problem with my graphics card, maybe even a different thing entirely and not actually related to hardware.

Oh well, back to playing with super low visuals and continuing the search for the culprit. :|

14-May-2019 13:16:06

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Yeah... memory leaks and stuff like that have been known to happen on RS3.

I'd recommend switching your Power Options to High Performance.
And if that doesn't seem to help, try using iolo System Mechanic (

If that doesn't help, I'd try using Razer Cortex: Game Booster

And if none of that works, try the NXT Client on compatibility mode.

Iff all else fails, try using the old Java client and contact Jagex. :P
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16-May-2019 11:41:40

Valena Rouge

Valena Rouge

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Okay so, pretty much none of that works, and using the older Java client is out of the question for me. My computer is entirely capable of running two RuneScape clients simultaneously on High settings, and always has been for 8 years, until now. The issue has to either be a hardware fault I can't uncover (though more demanding games than RS run fine) or just something really weird going on between my system and the game somehow.

As an extra info, I just tried something super simple I actually should have but never tried doing before: I ran the two clients on minimum settings followed by ONLY enabling textures on both of them and that instantly triggered the stuttering. O_o

My VRAM usage is never remotely close to full when this happens, yet it does happen all the same. My system RAM doesn't seem at fault either, and I also have already tried running the game from my two different disc drives. It's just so odd... Oh well, perhaps I will indeed follow along and contact Jagex Support as my last resort. :|

17-May-2019 18:11:45

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