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I am currently training mining while wearing my Magic Golem outfit. Previously, whenever the XP would drop on screen, it would display as "+75 XP (+5.6 Bonus XP)". Currently, that is not so. It's just displaying "+75 XP" for the XP drop. I have the full outfit equipped. I tried restarting the client to see if maybe it would fix itself. I didn't see anything in the update about this. Another player states that his XP drops look normal. Please advise, this is affecting my gainz, yo.

20-May-2019 14:52:40

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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Hello Aesir. The magic golem outfit does not provide bonus experience. You would need to own some parts of the golden mining outfit to receive exp boosts.

Set effects of the magic golem outfit can be found in the wiki.

21-May-2019 10:43:08

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