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Hi, anytime i try to login i get this error
It says "Your account has not logged out from it's previous session or the server is too busy to handle you request. Please try again in a few minutes or try different server."

I thought my account got hacked so I changed my password. Still got the error. Changed it again, and still got the error.

I proceeded to sign out/sign in my PC and try again. Then I Restarted my PC and tried again. Then I Shut down and turn my PC back on. Each time trying to login and got the same error.

I then enabled 2 Factor Authentication and tried again but still got the error.

I thought if i was hacked all these methods would kick the person. Since I'm not hacked idk what to do

I tried checking if the server was actually busy and logged into an alt of mine. Server is not busy. So why do i keep getting this error?

Jagex? Help?

EDIT: The account in question is this account btw

Been a few hrs now and still cant play the game

went through the recovery method and got back my account but my name is changed, how do i get back my old name??

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Hi there,

It does seem that your account may have been hijacked given the name change you mention and the fact that you can't log into the game. I strongly recommend following the advice on the Hijacked account support article, making sure to follow step 1 before moving on.

If you would like to read more about this process, there's a great sticky in the Community Led Account Help forum called Boot/Lock your Account [Info] which goes into good detail about the process of getting your account back.

Furthermore, I would recommend proceeding in that forum rather than Technical Support as this does seem that it will be an account related issue given that you've indicated you're able to log into an alternate account with no problems.

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