Windows 10 dpi wel known prob.

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Jagex has a support article named Interface scaling issues on high DPI monitors - Windows 10 which I think you might be referring to but that isn't found on the forums. It is in the support center. That article provided a solution for a bug in Windows 10 which might not be an issue any more if you've let Windows 10 update itself normally. My point is I'm not surprised that article didn't help. It wasn't meant to fix the blurriness.

Your last two sentences were a bit difficult to understand but seems like you typed that the game is either too small and clear or the right size and blurry. Unfortunately there is no fix for that. RuneScape doesn't have built in support for High DPI screens so scaling is handled by the operating system. The operating system rescales the game using a different DPI than what the screen naturally has which causes the blurriness. The only real fix for the blurriness is for Jagex to add High DPI support to RuneScape. I've read Jagex worked on it some but I haven't read any news about this for a while. I have no idea when Jagex will add High DPI support.

07-Feb-2019 03:57:08

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