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When I learned about the Alchemical Hydra's unique drops and how awesome the pet was, I decided to be an ironman and earn all the uniques from it by myself. Now, almost 1000 kills later, by some miracle of luck, I've completed the task and earned everything myself! > )

The Collection Log

Hydra's eye #1 - kc 59
Hydra's fang #1 - kc 71
Hydra's leather - kc 180
Hydra's heart #1 - kc 210
Hydra's eye #2 - kc 334
(Dragon knives - kc 338)
Hydra's tail - kc 366
Hydra's claw #1 - kc 553
Hydra's claw #2 - kc 723
Ikkle hydra (pet) - kc 805
Hydra's fang #2 - kc 851
Hydra's heart #2 - kc 918
Hydra's heads - kc 973
Jar of chemicals - kc 983

(Note: Dragon thrownaxes and knifes aren't unique to the boss or hydras themselves, so even though I didn't get any thrownaxes, I did get everything unique to the hydras.)

(Other note: Vast majority of my kills are from before the jar and heads were added to the drop table, meaning I got even more lucky with the jar drop [see the drop rates below].)

The Drop Rates

Aka how often I should've received the drops:

Hydra's eye/fang/heart: 1/200 (to get the next piece you're missing)
Hydra's tail: 1/500
Hydra's leather: 1/500
Hydra's claw: 1/1000
Hydra's heads: estimated 1/128-1/256 in line with other heads

Ikkle hydra (pet): 1/3000
Jar of chemicals: estimated 1/1000-1/5000 in line with other jars

Thanks for reading!

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