Quixotic Questing [RP*

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Quixotic Questing

Hey there everyone, this is a fun, not-too-serious roleplay that anyone can join really easily. This can be for beginners, casuals (like me) or just people waiting for activity on the more serious, advanced-level threads.


Greetings, Legendarily Legendary Legends! Welcome to Kyre, a magical, maniacal, miscellaneous realm filled with heroes, villains, monsters, and most importantly, too many random, ridiculous, raucous misadventures to count! And far too many adjectives.

Notable places in Kyre include The Magical Mushroom Forests and Glittering Glistening Desert in the south, the Convoluted Coastline to the East, the Mountains-that-donĺt-like-alliteration in the north, and many, many...MANY kingdoms.

Our story begins (And will usually take place, since itĺs pretty much 100% filler) in the pleasant, bustling town of Newbieville, in the kingdom of Generica. Newbieville houses its own branch of the Adventuring Guild, where many heroes are drawn by fate.

If by Ĺfateĺ, you mean the fact that itĺs the closest thing the damn town has to a tavern.

Soůwho are you?


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-General forum rules apply

-No musical numbers

-You can be pretty powerful, but there is a limit. But donĺt worry too much about taking hits realistically or making sure everything is balanced out. This is just a fun RP after all, we can scale characters up or down as we go along.

-No musical numbers

-No fanfiction (but references and characters based on fictional characters are fine)

-Puns are not only allowed, they are encouraged

-There is no limit to how many characters you can have, but you can only have one of the pre-made characters

-No marmite

-This oneĺs really only here to make up numbers

-In case you havenĺt noticed, some of these arenĺt very serious

-Seriously, though, this is a less serious RP. I would**t recommend spending hours writing really long posts, Iĺd save that for the other RPs here on the forum.

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Noobĺs Newcomerĺs Guide to Kyre

At first glance, Kyre is a generic medieval fantasy world, although everything is rather exaggerated. Also, futuristic technology exists and is quite common in some places.

Kyre is filled with all kinds of strange life, quite possibly due to the high-strength magical fields permeating the land. Anything from dragons and griffins, to centaurs and kappas can be encountered somewhere in the land of Kyre. Some of them are talking beings, some are just weird magic animals.

To the East of Kyre is the Convoluted Coastline. To the North are the Mountains-that-donĺt-like-alliteration, beyond them the Glassy Glaciers. To the West are the Venomous Volcanoes. To the South-West, youĺll find the Magical Mushroom Forest, and to the South and South-East, the Glittering Glistening Desert.

These surround the plain plains, an expanse of generic countryside dotted with kingdoms and cities.

Kyre is a huge island surrounded by the Sapphire-ish Sea, which contains various islands that no-one can keep track of (itĺs thought they are on the backs of giant turtles).

The Adventuring Guild is an organization which branches across the kingdoms of Kyre, acting as a service to provide adventurers with work and get peopleĺs requests done. Pretty much anyone can just waltz into a branch and take a job. No-one seems to mind the implications of this, because Kyre is a land of equality...and no regard for safety. At all.

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Charatcer Bio (optional)

Non-bios are fine, and there is a list of pre-made characters. You can pick one of these, to be able to start RPing more quickly. If you want to use a bio, though, hereĺs a template of what you might like to include.



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Available pre-made characters (these can be fleshed out further by the player during the RP)

Velin Windwield
An old wind mage with long grey hair and eyes who carries a staff that looks suspiciously like a normal branch. Prefers grey robes + wizard hat, brown cloak. Ironically innocent and naive nature. Male/human

Sen*ha Green
A young herbologist with control over plants and nature and water spells. Also has a bit of healing and support abilities. Friendly, very, very upbeat. Pale skin, short orange hair and green eyes. Female/human

Nick Raiju
A young man with light skin, white hair and blue eyes who can turn into a lightning wolf for...some reason. Overly dramatic and competitive, rather exciteable. Male/human

Conleth Folius
A ranger who leans towards daggers and throwing knives. Can communicate with, call forth and train birds, easily his greatest asset. Reclusive nature, but is trying to work on his people skills. Black hair, green eyes. Prefers green cloaks. Male/human

Ellessa Mistralf
And archer who combines wind magic with their arrows to make them hit their targets. Can also summon arrows made of wind which are invisible. Easy-going, confident nature. Female/elf

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