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Many years ago, two forces competed for dominance over the world. One was that of magic; the ability to channel the arcane arts through one’s own body, and manifest power as great blasts of elemental energy, a might built upon that which flowed through the earth like a breath of life. The other was that of technology; Armies of industry, fronted by giant metal beasts, but fighting for a culture that had blossomed from luxury.

These two forces fought for independence, but out of the fighting came a new idea; cooperation. The melding of magic and technology. The ability to channel the arcane through entire cities, allowing for magical wonders never seen, or the ability to power great inventions, and allow a new culture to blossom, grander than that of two divided kingdoms.

But man could never truly live in peace, for war was the planet’s revenge; war allowed for all that had been taken from the ground to be returned to the ground. So, it seemed the planet itself waged war upon humanity.

Terrible beasts of dark magic or restless souls rose, always shifting form and consuming everything that dared to oppose them. These creatures were called ‘Shadows’, for in their wake they left nothing but darkness. For every soul they consumed, they grew stronger, feeding off the magical energies of life and growing larger and harder to defeat.

Humanity had few options, but with their newfound power, they sealed themselves off from the Shadows, and created a utopia of light. This new city was called Gleam, and in it, humanity prospered.

But where the shadows of the land had failed, the shadows of the heart rose. All kinds of terrible deeds, those only capable of man, transpired in this new utopia. Once again, humanity had to use their newfound power to protect its people.

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The armies from before, those which had gathered dust in times of peace, found new use in protecting the people of Gleam. Soldiers patrolled the streets, never hesitant to offer a helpful hand, and a flying navy patrolled the sky, keeping an eye on threats both inside and outside the wall.

So, humanity prospered under the influence of metal and magic, with every day revealing new combinations of the two, and gracing the populace with wondrous new inventions.

However, humanity has still not learned the most important rule of life; wherever there is happiness and light, there must also be anger and shadow. A force builds; an organization which would seek to return to the world of divide. A force that would long to return the world to war, believing that such an action would drive off the shadows.

Discord grows in Gleam.

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Come one, come all! Welcome to my brand new thread, and what is sure to be a horrible mess as I try to build a beautiful story for you all to play through. You have now entered the world of Gleam, a utopia of light built upon the combination of magic and technology. This thread will follow the stories of a group called Department 37; a specialized agency that prides itself in taking care of specialized threats. While the soldiers are free to patrol the streets and deal with average crime, Department 37 deals with the more unique stuff.

This will be a mission based thread, in which PCs may choose which missions they go on, forming teams and alliances based on who is most suited for the job. These partnerships will be totally up to those involved, as the agency doesn’t care who does what, as long as they do a good job.

So, with the intro finished, allow me to walk you through the more important aspects of the world, and the guidelines of the thread...


*Cue the ominous lightning*

I am the creator of this thread, and of this world. As such, I have final say on all that happens in my domain.

*Cut the ominous lightning*

However, that being said, I will try not to take advantage of this fact, RPs only last as long as the people are willing to play in them, and if there are issues, we’ll talk about them.
The rest of the standard RP rules apply, and I’m sure we’ve all heard them before: No godmodding, powerplaying, try to post final drafts (reading something before and after it’s edited starts to get confusing the sixth time it happens), blah blah.

Having said THAT, I fully encourage awesome characters and fight scenes wherever they may occur. Rule of Cool supersedes all.

If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot on over to the SRCT, and throw 'em there!

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Note: This is the format for bios. While it is perfectly fine to make a character based on this bio, non-bios are completely encouraged, and even preferred. If you are making a non-bio, make sure it covers anything not in red.

Red/Bracketed items are items that should not be found in pre-prologue bios. Things like weapons and such that probably wouldn’t be found in a mall. While you may still describe them, you probably shouldn’t have access to them until after the prologue, as you will not officially be an agent until then. If you are submitting a bio of any kind after the prologue has finished, make sure it covers everything.

Delete everything in parenthesis.


Age: (Above 18, we ain’t hiring child soldiers here)



Attire: (This may be combined with appearance if you so desire)



[Preferred Nexus]

Skills: (If you were on a heist crew, what would your role be?)

Short History: (If you are applying before the prologue ends, also include the events that placed you in the mall)


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This includes important NPC's, who will have a short description, and may be slow to update

Name / Age / Gender / Owner / Bio Page

Aries / 24 / Male / Guthix*S4 / 3
Lucky / 19 / Male / Westenev / 3
Scarlet / 17 / Female / Inferi / 3-4
Marcus/ Age / Male / Sir Duncan88 / 4
Lelia / 19 / Female / Blue Serval / 5
William Sevorien/ 20 / Male / CoalTrain / 6
Steve Boshier / 31 / Male / Corbonyo / 7
Gary Riley / 23 / Male / CaptLasky / 10


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This is where you will find all available missions, along with quick information, and any filled spots.

Mission Name:


Mission Name: Close to Home

Briefing: Ground Force scanners have picked up a large increase of Shadow activity outside one of our farming settlements. Recently, the Ground Forces have pulled most of their forces out of the area to make up for the losses that they suffered at the Mall - whether the timing of the Shadow gathering is coincidental or premeditated is anyone’s guess. Rather than evacuating the settlement as is usually the case, the Ground Forces have called us for help. If Discord knew how much their attack actually weakened them, they might launch a secondary attack. This is as much of a show of force as it is as defending the settlement.

You begin this mission by making your way to a transport area near the Central District. The transport chopper will take you to the settlement in question. Assuming the shadows have not attack, you are to make a preemptive assault and eliminate the shadows.

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Gleam, as said before, is a utopia based on the combination of…yadda yadda, etc. etc.

Think of is any normal city, only with a more unique focus. It is very large, surrounded on all sides by a massive wall to protect its citizens from the dangers of the outside world. Above it flies The Armada, gently drifting across the sky like clouds, and in it patrols many soldiers.

For such a large city, transportation is certainly a key issue, and is handled by one of three ways: The first are the many roads which crisscross through the city, and the second is the city’s railway. The main railway runs above ground, along the inside of the wall. For more precise travel, there are also sub railways which can deliver most people within walking distance of their destination, with a few exceptions.

The third is by air, but is mostly reserved for supplies and enforcement agencies, and will be detailed in the Armada section.

Outside Gleam, there are smaller villages and hamlets, connected to the gates of Gleam by packed dirt roads. Since most supplies are run by air, these roads are only used for travel, and they serve their purpose. These villages are usually agricultural villages, and usually only hold fifty or so people. They are often protected by a small contingency of troops, and one or two gunships. Even so, it is not uncommon for these villages to disappear in a matter of hours.

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Shadows are creatures of darkness, determined to wipe humanity from existence. They are inherently formless creatures, taking whatever form is the deadliest in the moment. Study and containment of the creatures is difficult, but not impossible. Magical restraints can keep the creatures bound, but one moment is all the time that these beasts need to slither away, or in most cases, take a new form and slay their captors.

Not much has been noted about Shadows in the wild, as they seem to sense the presence of humanity, and actively avoid documentation. They are smart in the sense that they are more than capable of ambushing unsuspecting prey, but that’s as far as their intellect goes. In all other situations, they rely on brute strength and numbers to overwhelm opposition.

They do not seem to be capable of learning or evolution in the traditional sense, but they do grow. Shadows seem to harvest some form of life energy to grow, but that is not they reason they hunt, but an unfortunate consequence of the action. A Shadow that has harvested a lot of life energy becomes strong, and is far more dangerous, and is more capable of harvesting life energy.

However, the shadows aren’t the only forces at work against Gleam…

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While magic and technology are powerful forces by their own accord, there is limitless potential to be found by combining them. However, magic cannot be channeled directly through anything but humanity. When technology managed to develop a new way to channel magic, it was a great leap for mankind.

Small devices made of crystal and bronze, magic can now also be channeled through Nexii (singular; Nexus), and repurposed through whatever device it is set in. It may be channeled through an orb on a ceiling to grant light, or weapon to allow magical attacks. It all depends on what nexus you slot a device with.

There are many ways to build a nexus, and every way allows for something different. The type of crystal, the formation of the bronze housing, allow for many combinations, but each nexus can be infused with different types of magic. With so many combinations, it’s no wonder that there are still new ones being discovered every day.

However, there are some limitations. Crystals cannot be infused with more than one type of magic, and a device cannot attempt to channel from two different nexii at the same time.

The first rule simply does not work; once a crystal is infused, it is infused with that particular type of magic until it is destroyed. This can be worked around by making nexii with no infusion, allowing people to channel any type of magic through it, but magic channeled through a blank nexus is never as strong as magic channeled through an infused nexus.

The second rule is more important to abide by. Nexii are very powerful items, capable of channeling immense magical energy. When more than one of them attempt to activate in the same device at the same time, neither successfully activates, and all nexii overload, as discovered in The Carmine Lab Incident. During this experiment two nexii overloaded, resulting in an explosion of magical backlash and leveling the entire lab, killing dozens, and injuring many mor

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The defenses of Gleam are threefold: The Wall, the Ground Forces, and The Armada. The Wall is simply a giant wall, anticlimactically. There are cannons and guns on top, preventing an incursion by Shadows, and all Gleam entrances are guarded similarly.

The Ground Forces are similar to a regular army/city police force. They are equipped with composite armor, and bulletproof visors, and carry Pistols slotted by nexii, of which they are allowed to choose the elemental affinity themselves. This allows for a varied arsenal, for which it is hard to defend against. The armor allows for anonymity, both to protect from dangerous people, and to help with the force’s image.

The Ground Forces are urged to constantly be helping the populace, so it is not uncommon to see a patrol helping someone across the street, or assisting a family move into a new house. Whether they get paid for good deeds, or are simply doing it for the pride in their work is unknown, and the inability to thank any one trooper allows the deeds to be attributed to the whole force, improving their reputation in the public eye.

The Armada soars above Gleam, keeping watch over it and the surrounding area. There are a couple different types of ships found in The Armada: Battleships, which are the long range battle stations and biggest ships in the fleet. Gunships, which are small helicopter-like vehicles made for two people; a pilot and a gunner. Transport ships, which are hovering vehicles capable of carrying large amounts of cargo or personnel; these are usually shadowed by two gunships each, as their carrying capabilities are mitigated by their lack of guns. Finally, there are Hoppers – one man jet powered gliders, capable of transporting special troops from one end of the city to another in a matter of minutes.

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