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Character List

Azi Demonica; Sir Mortimer Stone, Safara Rel'Ralvah, Jasper Arundel, Batushka, Enlille Sesaroptis, Ishida 33, Xavier Giraudon, Spirry, Scythe Sister Margaux, Neivena Elarkris, Kilklok, Troublemaker: p3

Westenev; The Grim Reaper: p3

Duncan; Aelius Castor: p3

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Welcome, to a reusing of an older thread, for a role-play influenced by the theme of fighting games! This combat-orientated, adventurous, PvP-enabling, battle royale role-play is mostly about fighting monsters, other Heroes, and Bosses, ranging from duels, brawls, to team battles. However, charactersĺ backstories will determine the nature of storytelling, for their backstories will be the driving force of the story.

Most realism is sacrificed to enable fun and excitement: all Heroes can basically get shot in the head and survive, for example. Think of this role-play as something like Mortal Kombat, the old Turok games, or Dragon Ball Z. We are here to have fun, but more importantly, to be POWERFUL!

As such, characters are allowed to be whatever you wish: superhero, Psyker, Sayan, cyborg, alien, monster, dragon, mage, Biotic, pyromancer, Ultramarine, knight, modern cop, undead, angel, demon, action hero, super villain, or whatever you want. Note that no single Hero, Power or Moveset will allow you to overwhelm absolutely every other Heroes or Bosses. There may be times when you may face significantly stronger foes.

The intent of combat here is to create epic, brutal, gory, crazy duels and battles, after all, in the likeness of video games, anime and whatever craziness we can unfold! However, just donĺt be godlike, and be sure to include character interaction! Imagine your character as a performer on a stage, so create a show, and have fun.

When combat initiates, Round One begins. If, for whatever reason the fighters separate, such as one falls down a waterfall or escapes, all combatants will reappear elsewhere to begin Round Two, and then Round Three if necessary, and so on. This may enable different locations during the fight.

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The Story

Atlantis is a loose, broad term that refers to all the otherworlds, ethereal planes, and supernatural dimensions. All these worlds and realms are interconnected; time has little meaning, mixing the old and the new, the archaic and the technological. In Mortal Kombat, this would be called Outworld. In Turok, this would be the Lost Land. Whatever world your character comes from, Atlantis is also the force that allows travelling throughout all realms and dimensions.

Colosseum refers to the extradimensional tournaments of Atlantis. The most powerful fighters and warriors from all corners of reality come here to prove themselves in battle. It also serves as a gateway to invade other worlds.

Mortalrealm refers to the normal, natural world throughout the cosmos, including hospitable alien planets. Just because your character comes from Mortalrealm, does not mean one lacks supernatural powers.

Everything else depends of the backstories of usersĺ characters. Be sure to create your character wisely, for indeed, you shall influence the fates of Atlantis and Mortalrealm!


The role-play is somewhat like:
but is NOT side-scrolling. Note the magic and modern world you can see in the video, so that's what this role-play is like. It's meant to be unrestrained, active, brutal, and adventurous.

Sometimes, there'll be something like:

At the end of every level, there will be a Boss battle. Boss battles range from Heroes working together fighting multiple powerful enemies, such as:

To fighting a gigantic, supremely powerful enemy, such as:

While fighting lesser or unimportant foes, role-playing is usually basic and straightforward, and there is no Combat system. Lesser foes only do 0.1 to 0.5 Damage, so are not very threatening.

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However, whenever you fight another Hero during PvP or PvE, or face a Boss, a Combat system may come into play, if users wish the Game Master to have less power in your fight. Whether or not the Combat system is agreed upon, each character can perform three Actions per post against another Hero or a Boss, so that both parties can exchange damage and duke it out like bloodthirsty monsters. However, note that attacks should be typed as intent.

An Action can be an attack, parry, riposte, dodge, defence, raising a shield, charging up an attack, jumping great distances, or anything else in Combat that allows you to inflict Damage or evade Damage. It is then up to the Game Master to decide what happens, or rely on random number generation. Remember that attacks should be expressed as an intent.

This link provides useful terminology for the many kinds of attacks you can perform:

Since the defender can counter an attackerĺs attacks simply by waiting and reading intent, the attacker inflicts +1 Damage per attack for the first turn, if they connect. Remember that each character can only perform up to three Actions per post against a Hero or Boss.

Your Soul empowers your equipment, both weapons and armour, and equipment, tools, gadgets, and any familiars or retinue you may have. As such, it does not necessarily matter what magic or weaponry you have, only your Soul Level. However, certain weapons have certain advantages and disadvantages we can assume.

For weapons, wielding a modern shotgun works very well, but it wonĺt stop a charging demon. Wielding a ten-foot pike, with its butt planted in the ground, would stop a charging demon. Certain armours work better against certain weapons or magic or monsters as well. Whatever specializations or hybridization you possess will probably give you certain advantages and disadvantages.

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The larger, taller, heavier, and more heavily-equipped your character, the slower and less agile they are, and the less likely they can be juggled or ground-bounced. So, if you are a massive character, I will probably consider your attacks more likely to miss against smaller, faster foes, but you are more likely to juggle-attack or ground-bounce upon hitting them. Also, you are more likely to be hit by ranged attacks.

Your Soul can make your body and plate armour withstand even modern firearms, but you will still take Hit Point damage if the attack would have realistically pierced your armour. However, in the instance your Hit Points reaches 0, your armour and whatever defences you have will still fail you.

All attacks can be Empowered; by binding your time for a turn, your next attack can deal double damage, but you are left vulnerable during Empowering, and I am more likely to consider your attack missing.

The more powerful you character seems to be, the stronger foes they will face.

Soul Level is decreed by how many Perks you have. Each user-submitted character can start with five Perks, so the minimal level for user-Heroes is 5. For every Soul Level you are higher than an enemy Hero, you do +0.5 Damage to them.

Whenever your character receives an injury that would normally result in death, dismemberment, breaking, or unconsciousness, you lose one Hit Point. If you reach 0 Hit Points, your character becomes Incapacitated, and your enemy can begin to Execute you so long as they are not interrupted.

Upon Executing an enemy Hero or minor Boss, you regain Hit Points equal to half their Soul Level, rounded up (eg., 3.5 = 4). You gain additional Hit Points if your Execution lasts more than one post, equal to +1/3 Hit Points per additional post, but an Execution cannot last any longer than three posts total.

Gigantic Bosses may require multiple Executions to be defeated.

Defeating Bosses and powerful Heroes grants level ups and bonuses.

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During an Execution, you can literally do whatever you want as you kill your foe. Executions vary greatly, depending on whether or not you use your bare hands or a weapon.

For example, while using medieval weapons, Executions could be like:

Depending on whatever features or abilities your character has, you can do very many different kinds of Executions, combining weapons, guns, unarmed attacks, magic, and whatever else you want:

You can Revive your Incapacitated allies by standing over them and beginning Revival, but you cannot revive an Executed individual. During Revival, your Soul flows around as an aura, healing your ally, but this takes one turn by default. If your Revival is interrupted, you will not Revive your ally. Upon Revival, you will have half your Hit Points by default.

If your Hit Points reach a negative value equal to half of total Hit Points, you will die instantly, resulting in an Execution. For example, if your character is Soul Level 10, and you reach -5 Hit Points, you will not be Incapacitated, you will instead be instantly Executed.

If your character is killed, you are out of the adventure, but will at the latest respawn upon the next adventure.
All characters enter a new adventure with full Hit Points.
Slain characters can be resurrected by healing magic or necromancy, or Summoned in a spiritual form if they left behind their name using a Soapstone.

Every time your character is killed, you have a +1/10 chance of Hollowing or something equivalent. So, if you die for the fifth time, youĺd have a 5/10 chance of becoming Hollowed. Hollowing means your character becomes Undead, but you are still able to partake in the adventure.
Hollowed characters receive +1 extra damage.
Hollowing is unaffected by resurrection; if you are Hollow and die, and are resurrected, you are still Hollow. Hollowing is cured by consuming a Humanity or crushing a Human Effigy.

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Character Creation Prompt

Character: (what your character is)

Appearance: (height, weight, build, features, colors, tattoos, scars, etc.)

Psychology: (traits, behaviour, attitude, etc.)

Equipment: (weapons, armour, gadgets, tools, devices, etc.)

Moveset(s): (whatever combat styles your character has, can be shown with a link to a video game character)

Power(s): (describe your Power, or exhibit it with a link)
Whatever supernatural or superhuman abilities your character has, or equipment that grants them, or anything that makes your character supreme, is one's Power.

For example, a Power could be:

Special(s): (describe your Special(s), or exhibit using a link)
Specials are abilities, actions, powers, combos, moves, items or retinue that allow you to briefly powerplay against other users and their defences.

In this video, the first Special is performed by Shao Kahn, and since the combo consists of three attacks that would normally at least incapacitate a real person, this would do 3 Damage, and have a 3/10 chance of missing.
The more Damage your Special intends to do, is its chance of missing, so the maximum Damage is 9 with a 9/10 chance to miss.
If your Special fails to connect, you are left open for a counter attack.
A Special can be performed only once per adventure by default, for gameplay balance. Additional Special Actions are unlocked later.

(you begin the game with five Perks. See later posts for list of Perks. You can create your own Perks, but they should not be overpowered.)

Misc.: (anything else about your character that does not fit anywhere else)

History: (your characterĺs backstory, past, or anything else important)

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Perks are special features that potentially grant certain benefits for your character. Perks do not guarantee anything, but they encourage the Game Master to consider what each Perk does in any situation. Perks can contradict your characterĺs personality, and do not have to parallel or correlate. Each character begins with five Perks. Some Perks can be selected multiple times.

The total number of Perks your character has decrees your Soul Level. For every Soul Level you have thatĺs higher than an enemy Hero, you do +.5 Damage.

Life #: This Perk can be selected multiple times, and each point spent provides one more Hit Point.

Death #: This Perk can be selected multiple times, and each point spent increases Damage by .5.

Deflection: 2/10 chance an attack will simply bounce off you, but only if you are appropriately armoured to withstand the attack.

Estus Flask: Taking one post to consume, this restores three Hit Points. Can be used three times per adventure.

Ashen Estus Flask: After using up your Special attack, consuming this allows you to perform another Special attack, but it takes one post to drink this. Can only be used once per adventure.

Humanity: This black sprite with a white aura allows you to remove your Hollowing, and restores all Hit Points. However, it can only be used once.

Human Effigy: This strange little effigy, upon being crushed in your hand, removes Hollowing. Can only be used once, but more can be found.

Light Step: 7/10 chance to avoid triggering traps.

Soapstone: If you write down your name with this on the ground, you can be summoned in a spiritual form by your allies to fight Bosses or enemy Heroes, even if you were killed.

Hardy: Stress and fatigue just doesnĺt bother you too much. You are less likely to suffer from negative effects, such as curses, poison, smoke, or harmful substances.

Ancient Protector: If wearing pre-modern armour, you are still resistant to modern and futuristic weaponry.

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Dodger: You have at least a 3/10 chance of dodging attacks.

Take my Hand: You can Revive fallen teammates within the end of your turn.

Sniper: You rarely miss with a long-ranged attack.

Pyromaniac: For some reason, you seem better than most at igniting things.

Adrenaline Rush: When attacked, your initial retaliation does one extra Damage.

Stonewall: If heavily armoured and stationary, you have a 3/10 chance to deflect attacks your armour can withstand.

Little Leaguer: Youĺre good at sports. That might help, in certain situations.

Power Parkour: Enables superhuman parkour.

Shadowmeld: You are so good at hiding in darkness, you literally seem to turn into a shadow!

Ultra-dense muscles: Increases Damage by one.

Spiritual: Your spirit is quite strong, allowing you to Revive fallen teammates with full Hit Points.

Hotheaded: Whenever youĺre angry, you do things better.

Silent Death: Stealth kills are less likely to be noisy, and you are more likely to avoid detection upon your successful assassination.

Gunslinger: You rarely miss with handguns.

Pathfinder: Enables ease of navigation during adventuring. Youĺre just good at traveling.

Pitcher: Youĺre perfect when it comes to throwing things accurately.

Child at Heart: When interacting with NPC children, they will often reveal little secrets for you.

Jaws of Defeat: Whenever your Hit Points reaches 1/10, you do +2 Damage.

Death Sense: You are more likely to detect traps and ambushes.

Relentless: Whenever utilizing persistent actions, they are more likely to succeed.

Artful Dodger: You are more likely to succeed at pickpocketing.

Alcohol Abuse: When drunk, you do +2 Damage, but your attacks have a 4/10 chance of missing.

Tenacious: You are good at holding onto things.

Commando: Increased aim with assault rifles, SMGs, pistols and shotguns.

Black Widow: You are more likely to kill an unsuspecting character. If attacking an unsuspecting Hero or Boss, you do +3 Damage for your first attack.

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Mysterious Stranger: Whenever you significantly damage an enemy or their health reaches 1/10, there is a 2/10 chance the Mysterious Stranger will appear to finish them off. However, this does not count as an Execution by you, so you donĺt get Hit Points.

...and stay back!: When using a gun or magic at point-blank range, you are more likely to blast your foe back.

Marked for Death: More likely to be attacked first by enemies, even if itĺs illogical.

Ghost Hunter: You are more likely to notice invisible enemies.

Bend the Rules: You have an uncanny ability to cheat systems, and can occasionally do things without even... doing things?

Dance Little Sister: Whenever your health reaches 1/10, there is a 3/10 chance a feisty creature will come to your aid.

Die Hard: Grants a 3/10 chance to block enough Damage received to prevent Incapacitation per adventure, leaving you with at least 1 Hit Point.

Non Gratus Rodentum: Youĺre good with caves, because you never seem to get lost in them, and always find a way out.

Road Warrior: Increases Damage by one while on a vehicle.

Eagle Eye: You cannot be the victim of a sneak attack, or will at least always spot a suspicious action against you.

Butcher: You deal +1 Damage when fighting animals.

Mister Sandman: Upon killing a sleeping enemy, you restore three Hit Points.

Catlike: When alone, you are sneakier and faster, and precise in all your actions.

Tunnel Rat: You can move quickly while crouching.

Man's Best Friend: You have an affinity for dogs, and dogs have an affinity to you.

Stuntman: Less likely to be injured from falls.

Maneater: Whenever your health reaches 1/10, there is a 2/10 chance a big monster will briefly come to your aid.

Bloodlust: Increases chance of killing or maiming foes.

Heaven can Wait: You can self-Revive once in the role-play, but only if you're not interrupted.

Superstitious: Increases the chance of a random event happening by one.

Perks continued on next page

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