Fields of Malada.

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The great, white walled city of Malada rose up high above the surrounding countryside, its tall spires and graceful archways marking it our for miles around as a city of culture and learning.

And indeed it was, not to mention Military might, Political power, Religious influence and magical monopoly, as the Capitol City of Kalsea, Malada's white walls stood as a beacon for all that was lawful and civilized.

Outside the walls, the tents and pavilions were being raised.
Great canvas structures ranging from humble canvas accommodation and fancy silk structures to traders, taverns and fully functional massage parlous.

As the various banners were raised and banners fluttered in the breeze, excitement began to grow as Tournament fever gripped the city.

The Great Spring Tournament of Malada was a hugely popular annual event and this year proved to be especially eventful.

Aside from the traditional Joust, the lists for which were already being raised by an enthusiastic band of local carpenters, there was also a Meele scheduled as well an an Archery tournament and a Foote The Ball Match.

The field for the Meele was even now being cordoned off as, across the ever growing canvas town, the Foote the Ball pitch was being marked out.

People and cultures from all over the land flocked to Malada at this time of year, although the Puritans were usually quite select on who entered their White City, this prejudice seemed to fade in the light of massive financial and tourism gains.

Barbarians from the North, Dwarfs, dark skinned Desert dwellers from the far South and even a smattering of Elves, although their race was decidedly rare in Kalsea these days, ever since their King had been so cruelly done to death and their Nation Forest occupied.

Mercenaries, Adventurers, Sellswords, Hedge Knights were flocking to Malada, for glory, gold, honor and anything else the Tourney may be able to provide...

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Welcome to the Fields of Malada!
You join us just in time for tourney season, and is jousting fever ever in the air!
Folks from all over the known world are flocking to the great White City, in hopes of victory, fame, glory or maybe just trade and employment opportunities.

As a player you are free to do pretty much whatever you want, you can wander the tourney grounds and the City, you can sit in the tavern and drink your fill or you can choose to enter the lists in search of the coveted winners laurels.

This year there are four main events players may choose to take part in-

The Joust:

Favored by Knights and Nobles the world over, the Winner of the Joust gains the coveted title of tournament champion and all the trimmings that come with it, fame, glory, wenches and a nice fat purse!
A Knighthood is not required to enter the lists but a horse most certainly is, lances will be provided but full plate Armour and a shield are most definitely advises!

Participants wishing to enter the lists are to report to the Game Stewards desks and put their names forward,
Initial contests will then be selected by random drawing.

Joust rules tend to vary across the land, but the Tourney Herald will announce the specifications prior to the first tilt.

The Meele:

Simplicity itself!
A great, sprawling open battle, blunt weapons only but otherwise things such as rules and fair play go completely out of the window.
Magic is allowed although not massively effective in such an environment.
A haven for Sellswords, Mercenaries, Cutthroats and Ruffians, The Meele is not to be entered lightly!

The Title of Meele Champion, although not as prestigious as that of Tournament Champion in high society, will definitely mark the individual out as one tough B**star*!

Those crazy enough to enter the Meele should make their way to the Game Stewards desk and put their names forward.

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Foote The Ball Match:

In essence, a Meele with a ball.
Two teams of eleven strive to get an inflated pigs bladder into the oppositions end zone in order to score a 'Goal.'

Such things as 'Rules' and 'Fair Play' are stomped flat into the turf under cleared boots,
although no weapons are allowed on the Pitch, the Referee is open to bribery as long as the negotiating team can meet his Union set standard rate.

The Teams are always looking for fresh fodder, urm, I mean Players, and any wishing to take up with a team should make their way to the Pitch and talk to one of the Coaches for further details.


Following the invention of Black Powder, the bow has gone out of fashion in the more uncivilized regions of the world,
however Malada holds true to its traditions.

Those wishing to compete in the Archery should make themselves known at the Game Stewards desk.

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-Da Rule'z-

Everybody hates 'em, but fear not, out dynamic, highly trained Team of massive, burly Orcs will be on hand to motivate and ensure you follow these simple rules!

- Bio and Non Bio intros are both perfectly acceptable, I'll put a rough Bio template below but if you have your own feel free to use that.

- No autohitting, gododding or powerplaying... I shouldn't have to mention this,
Any further questions, please see the Orcs.

- The Tourney Events will have specific rules referring to them, which I will announce in thread as they occur,
so no need to worry about them for now.

- Black Powder weapons have been discovered, although they are still crude and unreliable, currently, a well maintained Long or Crossbow remains the superior weapon.

- Magic is allowed, all types, although it is Not a get out of jail free card.
Repeated spell casting wears the caster out much the same way as running and swinging a sword would.
I had one RP ruined before by some bloke constantly teleporting around the map and powerplaying through the entire plot.

In short, feel free to use Magic but be reasonable, My highly trained Orc's remain on hand to deal with any Fencesitters, I mean, Powerplayers.

- That's all, please have fun!

- There's usually some moronic rule at this point requiring you to put 'Melon' in your Intro or something...
That's ridiculous, your most likely a dam decent writer, so I wont insult your intelligence.

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-=The Story So Far=-

Folks from all over the known land flock to Malada for the Spring Tourney, which promises everything from fame and glory to wealth and... Opportunity.

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