Fields of Malada.

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A figure came hurrying toward the back of the queue, looking relieved that he had arrived before the event actually began. He had only just reached Malada, you see. Why, exactly, he hadn’t travelled here sooner as opposed to on the day was unclear and likely not important.

Perhaps it was due to his laziness and procrastination, or maybe it had something to do with the lack of a ‘RP’ in the thread title to indicate that this thread was, in fact, a roleplay. No-one really knew. Or cared. Not even him.

When people walked by, they did*’t stop and stare. They did*’* cast suspicious glances. They did*’t even nudge each other and whisper behind his back about how he was going to get torn to shreds in the tournament.

You see, the man, who was now approaching the desk, was probably the most generic, unremarkable person you could ever lay eyes on. He had light skin and short brown hair, with very dull, uninteresting grey eyes. He had a generic friendly smile. You could swear he was just another background character. Well, he looked that way.

“Yes, hello.” He said, “I would like to sign up for one or more of your events. Just whichever ones have the fewest participants or players.”

“I, er…also have to ask…Do you have any personality clichés that aren’t filled? Like a comic relief rogue or silent badass? I need to know before I sign up.” He gave another generic smile.

10-Mar-2016 16:31:20

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