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Name: Leonder Ratel
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Favored God(s): Yoralf

Guilds/Factions: His old hometown, which is now abandoned, its former residents now living in Grinsfield, and now the Stronghammer Company

Appearance: Standing at about 5’6”, Leonder has light skin, and is clean shaven with medium length curly black hair. His pale brown eyes almost always wear a dour expression.

Weapon(s): A simple but elegant halberd, the standard guard’s weapon of his now ransacked hometown.

Magic: Nope

Pets: If I could think of something cool I would have put it here. But I couldn’t.

Backstory: Leonder was raised in a small town, in some far-flung corner of Yalia, where he was set to become a guard. However, his hopes of defending his hometown were cut short when it fell completely to Orcish raiders. He was forced to flee to Grinsfield along with his neighbours and family, and has now become a mercenary in order to help support them.

While it’s clear he had always preferred the idea of being a guard, seeing it as more honourable, over the three years of working for the Stronghammer company he has somewhat warmed up to the mercenary lifestyle. Although, his stiff demeanour still often irritates his colleagues.

Other: While he is proud of his town and his family history, he rather dislikes the sound of his surname.

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