Todeskampf [RP]

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I agree that everything on this list is correct.

Signed: Powell Sharp
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Likes: Challenges, music (mostly jazz or rock), feeding pigeons…?
Dislikes: Decisions, staying quiet or still, blue/ green cheese
Fears: The passing of time
Team: Red

At average height (about 5 ft 9), he has a slim and agile frame.
Short dark brown hair covers the top of his head, and he has a slightly pale, light skinned face with sea-green eyes. In day-to-day life he usually wears casual clothes like jeans and hoodies, with a preference for cool colours like grey, blue and black.

When on missions, he will dress more smartly as if he were on stage, with a black waistcoat and trousers with a white shirt and a clip-on tie that matches his eyes. He also wears a bowler hat with a similar coloured band to complete the performer look, along with large shield sunglasses to protect his identity…in style! ...or an attempt at it anyway.

I might draw a picture of him at some point and put it here, if that's OK

Short History:
Growing up in the suburbs of Central City, Powell drifted lazily through his early years. After barely graduating High school and not getting into University, he is now studying music at community college (I’m sorry if this is inaccurate, I tried to research it a little but don’t know much about the American education system) while working part time at a retail store

Powell can manifest his music into physical notes which he can move at will. These can detonate into various sounds. Each note or chord he plays becomes one of these notes. The more sound he wants to recreate, the more notes are needed. A note disappears after 30 minutes if not used


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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Lilting melody - each note = 1 syllable in any voice/small, half second noise, or a dizzying sonic wave affecting one target for about a second.

Power Chord - each chord = 10 seconds of loud, distracting noises, or a sonic blast capable of knocking 1 average person back several feet and dizzying them

Blazing Riff - An extremely loud tune that can make cracks appear in concrete. This gives everyone around him a migraine and dizzies them, including himself, so he needs to be careful when he uses it as it affects allies.

Screaming Solo - Powell’s ultimate move, this takes 30 seconds to produce all the required notes, and then releases a sonic boom in a single direction strong enough to tear through a cinderblock wall. If he uses this he becomes dizzy for about 5 seconds, and gets a nasty headache.


Uhh…I may have forgotten to mention his instrument of choice is a jet-black guitar. Although, somehow, when he begins playing, accompaniments seem to come from nowhere. This is purely for style.

Also I'm sorry this bio is a bit long...I usually hardly write enough

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