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Sir Duncan88

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Name: Brand Fairburn

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Wielder Knight

Race Description:
Wielder Knights are a race of magical warriors capable of manipulating and, effectively, being one with, a certain element, material or, possibly, even an item. Brand’s affinity is with fire. Like other wielder knights, he has both a human form and his ‘awakened’ knight form. A wielder knight in human form looks just like any other human, however some aspects cannot be disguised, for example their eyes are usually a giveaway.

In this form he is able to manipulate his element to a high degree, even being able to change properties magically, such as solidifying fire and creating weapons. Coming in contact with fire or heat does no harm and can even strengthen or heal him (A few enchanted varieties may exceed this rule), however prolonged contact with fire makes it difficult to stay in human form. Cold temperatures and water will make Brand very exhausted and tired, as well as damage him more than other elements.

In knight form, he is essentially one with his element, taking on the form of a set of armor made entirely of solid fire. In this form he is considerably more powerful, his raw magical power and manipulation skills are fully unleashed, however weaknesses are also increased. A lot. It is actually easier to stay in this form, but obviously not a great idea. Abilities can vary for different wielder knights, however most (including Brand) have the ability to change their shape at will, since they’re made of the very element they can manipulate.

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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Appearance: In human form, Brand looks fairly normal. He has charcoal black hair, cut short and kept tidy, light skin, a slightly angular face and generally looks unremarkable. Except for his irises, which are bright orange moving to a deep red edge. They also seem to glow sometimes. He is about average height, probably just below 6 ft, with a thin build, almost scrawny.

In his knight form, he takes the appearance of a rather imposing set of armour. He is a couple of inches taller and glows orange. He’s made of fire, after all. Flames constantly pour out of the gaps in his armour, concealing whatever he looks like underneath (if there is anything). He usually has a large great-sword, just over 4 ft long and about 1ft wide, the hilt looks like a phoenix with its wings outspread and ancient symbols run down the blade on both sides; it is the same solid fire as the armour. Of course this would be a completely impractical weapon if not for his control over the material. He often takes a phoenix or dragon form, too.

Prefers plain clothes without text or brands, usually going with a pair of blue jeans, a plain t-shirt and a dark grey zip-up hoodie.

Short History: I have not thought of this yet but it won't be very remarkable anyway To be developed in thread. Ahem.


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