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Sir Duncan88

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Name: Nick Haze
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Nick stands maybe just under average height, at around 5 ft 9. He has a slightly pale complexion from not going outside much. Thin but striking eyebrows are arched above his steely grey eyes, and slope downwards, giving him an aggressive look. He has an angular, diamond shaped face and a slightly pointy nose. A shock of reddish brown hair is spiked back, complete with what looks like a pathetic attempt at growing sideburns.

Nick usually wears a dark red and black chequered shirt, and dark grey jeans, which is surprisingly normal. Oh wait, no, he has gold coloured trainers. *sigh* nevermind...

Position in Facility: Subject

Psych Profile: The first thing you should know about Nick Haze is that he knows no fear! ...Except for heights...and small spaces...and, well, a lot of things actually. He has a habit of being overly optimistic and theatrical, but this is mostly a front to try and hide the fact that he can be pretty cowardly. Despite this he has a genuine desire to help and protect people, which is almost on the verge of being a hero complex.

He is very open and friendly all the same, and not scared of social situations, at least. In fact he has a knack for spinning tall tales out of rather mundane events which he acts out with surprising flair. At least, this is when he’s not making hollow claims of heroism to himself to try and boost his uselessly spluttering courage.

Overall, a bizarre mix of quixotic and fainthearted.

Abilities if Subject: "Super strength/toughness. The textbook superhero power, Nick has the ability to increase his own strength beyond that which a normal person can accomplish, and can also take hits that would kill anyone normal on the planet." - Inferi's comprehensive guide to Project:Redux

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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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History: Nick had a fairly normal if slightly sheltered childhood, which probably gave him an unrealistically positive view of the world, no doubt leading to his now somewhat anxious nature.
He signed up for the project almost immediately, naively thinking that fighting bad guys with cool superpowers sounded ‘awesome’. This is usually how he gets himself into danger and panic attacks. I’d get used to it if I were you.

Other: The most likely to fist pump and shout“hazaar!”, ticking everyone off.

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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Nick Haze

The conversation between the newly awake soldier and subjects was rudely interrupted by a loud, slow yawn. The source seemed to be somewhere by the counter.

“NNoo, it’s OK…I’m stuffed…HUH?”
Nick suddenly jolted up as if someone had set an alarm clock right next to his ear. He looked round and blinked. Judging by the relatively dark room he assumed there had either been a power cut or it was quite late. As his last memories recollected themselves blearily, he realised where he was and what he’d been doing.
“Did I seriously decide to take a nap here?”
he muttered under his breath,
“And this guy too-“
he stopped immediately, as he saw the completely still body next in the queue.

He jumped up shakily, looking round the room. There were more people in the room slumped around in much the same way. Nick suddenly felt an unpleasant sensation that put him in mind of ice water pouring down his back.

he called out.

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