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Sir Duncan88

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Marching out of the door, Leonder crossed the courtyard cautiously, his 6 foot long halberd strapped awkwardly to his back. The small blade at the bottom end was only just not scraping the ground as he walked, but he just managed to keep his composure, albeit with the occasional glance behind him.

The young man was dressed in a thick quilted brown undershirt, a short sleeved beige tunic and grey trousers. Over this he wore an assortment of light leather plates protecting his torso, shoulders and elbows, as well as gloves, boots, greaves and knee-pads, all a red hue which had faded slightly. A black leather belt was fastened around his waist, matching the strap he wore over his shoulder, holding his weapon - more or less - in place.

As he came to a halt a couple of metres before Captain Dario and his client, he nodded to them curtly and stood straight with his arms folded behind his back.

27-May-2017 17:13:17

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Leonder was also pushed to the side a little as the mercenaries formed a small clearing around Luna. He supposed he didn’t blame them, what with her rather daunting appearance. After all, it’s not every day you run into a near 9-foot-tall reptile bristling with claws, piercings and artificially added blades. He would have to admit, he was quite intimidated as well, and hadn’t really talked with her much. He had a great deal of respect for the Drakonian, though, due to her value of loyalty and obedience.

Cyrus, on the other hand, was a different case. While the two had both joined the company at similar times, around three years prior, like most of the other mercenaries, Leonder did not get on well with the nobleman in the slightest. He arguably seemed the most out of place in a band of mercenaries, with an attitude more suited to, well, aristocracy. Which, to be fair, was his background.

He was also a little confused by Torim’s behaviour around Kalo – that had always struck him as odd, but truth be told he didn’t think much of it.

Then there was Vendal, the Disciplinary Officer. He made some comment at Arianne as she stumbled out of the building before standing next to the captain. Leonder understood that his role was compulsory, and his equipment was not for the same purpose, but he had always associated whips with torture, which he viewed as a craven and dishonourable tactic. As such, he’d always been on edge around the man.

He listened intently to the captain and the green clad woman, now introduced as Lady Marson, as they explained the job they were to be taking on. Torim broke out into a babble of questions almost immediately after she had finished speaking. Well, the wizard was enthusiastic at least. Personally, he was fonder of jobs that involved acting as defense or protection for someone, as he saw preserving lives as a far more worthwhile use of time. However, he would still take on other jobs that came their way.

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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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So, they were heading to an ancient, probably enchanted temple that had never before been opened, despite multiple attempts? While he generally failed to appreciate the opportunities of knowledge and treasures these ventures offered, Leonder knew what he would be doing; helping to keep the client and his fellow mercenaries from getting killed. Those were instruction he could understand.

He had few personal belongings, and, like Arianne, had not left anything behind in the tavern. He was ready to set off whenever the others were. Although, he did visit the market briefly just to get some bread for breakfast.

Having made his way back, he found himself a secluded spot beside the tavern, where he sat down against the wall to eat his breakfast and inspect his equipment. He rather enjoyed being outdoors in a bustling urban area such as this.

He had already made sure his armour was in good condition before donning it earlier, of course. He took out his halberd and inspected it. The weapon had a few nicks and scratches on the blades and shaft but was altogether in working order. He rummaged in a small pouch on his belt to retrieve a rather measly looking stone, which he then began to sharpen his blade with. It was a fairly standard weapon, with the typical axe-like head and speartip, complete with a smaller blade at its lower end. It was not an ornate item, aside from the insignia etched into the well-polished metal, a weasel like creature.

There was a scuffing noise and shouting from nearby. Leonder sprang to his feet, brushing breadcrumbs onto the ground, grabbing his halberd and rushing toward the commotion. He soon found stable where this sound seemed to be coming from, to see Cyrus galloping about, apparently doing target practice with a log. The nobleman seemed frustrated.

As Cyrus dismounted to replace the log, having successfully struck it, Leonder spoke up.

“Going well?”

05-Jun-2017 20:59:15

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Leonder wasn’t at all surprised that Cyrus took his response as an opportunity to brag about how great and noble he was. In fact, he sort of wondered why he’d even tried talking to the nobleman. He’d been here 3 years and still insisted on addressing almost everyone among the ranks as ‘peasant’. Perhaps he’d been feeling sorry for the man a few seconds ago, what with most of the other mercenaries treating him like scum half the time, but if so any sympathy he’d held had pretty much evaporated now.

However, his attention was drawn away for a second as the fencer Dosse, now up and ready, arrived at the scene, greeting them both. Apparently he hadn't been up so early, as he commented on Leonder's punctuality.

“Well, I hope to keep at least one or two good habits if I can.”
Leonder replied with a polite smile. He, too, was completely unaware of the situation regarding Silveron. He didn’t care much how pretty or finely crafted a sword may be and was more interested in how its wielder used it. And, he had to say, he was very impressed by Dosse’s prowess with a blade; although he’d never seen the man duel in a tournament, it was enough to see him fighting in the field.

“How did you sleep last night anyway? I found it passable, although I’m certain I heard the strangest noises. Well, what can you expect in the middle of a city?”
he sighed.

07-Jun-2017 17:22:24

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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“Well, a conversation with him is certainly not boring, I’ll give him that much.”
Leonder mused once Cyrus had left, shaking his head slightly. The strange monocle-wearing man didn’t seem familiar to Leonder, so, not hearing what the nobleman was whispering to the fencer left him mildly confused. But it was none of his business, obviously, so he shook the thought from his mind, instead turning his attention to Dosse, who was asking about the upcoming job.

“I hope so,”
he replied,
“Never been much of a puzzle solver. Sounds straightforward enough though. We just have to keep Lady Marson safe.”
While it was true Leonder was less than at home when it came to investigations into ancient ruins and deciphering magical occurrences, he wasn’t too worried as they had a wizard with them; and Torim obviously knew what he was doing, since he’d been here significantly longer than the former guard.

“What about you?”
he asked,
“Have you ever had a job like this?”
He actually knew very little about the fencer’s past aside from him being an experienced merc. Dosse was certainly much more experienced than he was anyway.

10-Jun-2017 17:03:57

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Leonder seemed to relax slightly, relieved that a more experienced mercenary like Dosse wasn’t too concerned about the company’s new job. The fencer did seem curious about the reasoning behind this expedition, though.

“It is a little perplexing…”
replied Leonder, “But I suppose it’s not my place to ask. I’m sure the Captain knows what he’s doing.”

Since he had his belongings and equipment more or less in order now, he reckoned it was about time to head over to the gates. They might not be leaving just yet, but he had nothing else he needed to do.

“I should probably head over to the gates. Do you have anything left you need to do?”
Leonder would admit he wasn’t the best company and was unsure whether Dosse would prefer to be left alone, but the idea of immediately walking off seemed a little rude.

14-Jun-2017 11:11:34

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Leonder didn’t normally expect people to seek his company, since he wasn’t exactly fun to be around. He was certainly not subject to the same vitriol Cyrus received, but within the company it was known that his sober attitude could suck the fun out of almost anything if he wasn’t careful. So he was surprised when Dosse insisted he wait for him so they could both walk to the gates.

Leonder continued standing beside the stable as Dosse collected his possessions from inside the tavern, thinking on the conversation. He had mentioned Captain Vanick’s strong dislike of orcs. This was something Leonder would admit to having as well. He wasn’t proud of his disdain, but it was there nonetheless. And the raven, Ay - the fencer made no attempt to hide their supernatural connection, but Leonder was clueless as to how it came about. As he pondered these thoughts, along with others, he absent-mindedly finished sharpening his weapon.

As Dosse emerged from the building, Leonder took a couple of steps forward and slung his halberd onto his back. It might a sharp, brief scraping noise on the stones beneath him as it scraped the floor. He tried to ignore this.

17-Jun-2017 11:14:22

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Leonder started down the street alongside Dosse once the raven had been called down. It wasn’t hard to keep up - his way of walking was more like marching.

As they made their way through the city, the fencer commented on food supplies. This was a concern he shared somewhat; he still wasn’t fully adapted to living in the outdoors and sadly couldn’t tell a bilberry from a belladonna.

“I wouldn’t want to have to eat mushroom stew that turns out to be poisonous,”
He replied, not surprisingly taking light conversation for a serious discussion
“But I’m sure Ariane will know how to avoid most dangerous plants.”

Joric turned to them as they neared the gates, walking over to meet them. As he drew closer, Leonder noticed that some of the mercenaries the dwarf had been talking to now had a look of embarrassed despair on their faces. One of them shot him a look as if to say, “He’s your problem now”. Joric wasted no time in doling out two puns in a row, a relentless double-hit.

There was one of those moments of deep, soupy silence that must always follow a bad joke.

Leonder’s face broke immediately and he burst out in raucous laughter, doubling over and almost falling. Several passers-by gave him a funny look, but he clearly hadn’t noticed. As he stood up, he realized that no-one else was laughing. He looked around blankly.

“What? I thought it was a good joke.”

21-Jun-2017 12:25:34

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