The Cursed

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Name: Fridur Pace
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: At about 5ft 6 with short, fair hair Fridur looks unassuming. Although something seems disturbed about his startlingly dark eyes.

His slightly tattered attire consists of a white shirt, and a firebrick coloured sleeveless jacket, with black boots and dark brown breeches fastened with a brown leather belt, on which is sheathed a hunting knife with a bone handle, his only reminder of home.

Curse: Savage Mind - If someone tells Fridur to kill, hurt or destroy anyone or anything, his eyes glaze over, falling into a trance, and he loses all self-control, flying into a wild rampage in which he will relentlessly pursue his task. The only way the trance will break is if he succeeds, falls unconscious, or is killed.

History: Fridur grew up in a hunting settlement nestled between gaunt pine forests and mountains. He had a fairly average childhood living here, learning the trade and training with his knife and the bow. However this could only last so long. With everything seeming so normal, his parents had assumed that the Witch’s curse hadn’t worked, but one day, he can’t remember exactly what happened - one of the other kids dared him to do something. All he can recall is that he seemed to black out for a while. When he awoke he was miles from home, somewhere he’d never been, with blood staining his clothes.

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Village name: Culcraig
Description: An isolated hunting village in a hollow between forested and mountainous land, Culcraig gets few visitors and is little talked about. This is no surprise, as it only houses some 20 or so people. It appears unremarkable, although one house is uninhabited. Supposedly the Paces, who were involved in hunting the witch Myrvina, lived here, but if you ask about any of it people scurry away into their houses and refuse to talk.

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