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Fortunately, the full story has been collated on page 30 - 31 (so far)

Hello :)

I came across this game by Nuke Yelps, it's another old faviourite of mine. I think it's fun and enjoyable game to play.

How to Play:

Player 1 writes a sentence starting with Fortunately/Unfortunately, the next player has to continue the sentence using the word Fortunately/Unfortunately at the begining of the sentence. It's a fun, creative way of writing a shared story.


Player 1 - Fortunately I brought a coffee at Star Bucks.
Player 2 - Unfortunately the coffee was cold.
Player 3 - Fortunately they had a microwave.
Player 4 - Unfortunately the microwave exploded.
Player 5 - Fortunately no one was injured.
Player 6 - Fortunately we are about to start a new game :D

Lets get started:

Fortuneately I found DarkScape.

* If I am not able to re-make this thread within a few weeks of it maxing, the last person to post my re-make it if they choose too :)

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Lady Deluxe said:
Fortuneately I found DarkScape.
I'm assuming that's the first option so...

Unfortunately I kept getting PKed :@
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29-Sep-2015 10:51:34

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Unfortunately, the one that helped you came with whole clan five seconds later and bashed you worse than the first time :P
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29-Sep-2015 20:24:54

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