What not to say at a funeral#2

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I made this thread awhile ago and I decided to remake it :) I'm pretty sure most people know how to play this game, but if you don't, I'll tell you.
Basically, something you wouldn't want to say at a funeral.
-- Hall of Fame --
I 3 X 3 X I - so how much did this cost
Angelfishgod - ehhh he'll probably respawn in lumbridge.
- dont worry he wasn't skulled
Yodude462 - z zz zz zz z zz z zz zz z z z-huh? what happend, oh wait i remember where at a wedding! wheres the cake?
Mage 10678 - What, you mean this isn't my fraternities party? Uh oh...
Uhfolks - Look, he's alive! *Everyone looks* Ha, April Fools!
Killette2 - I'm on the will, right?
Wolfey76 - Oh I guess I was wrong, that poison actually did kill him...why is everybody staring at me?
Lilreb1861 - Ooooh! Ooooh! I know! I know!
It was Colonel Musterd in the Ballroom with the Revolver!
Killette2 - What did he do this time...
Ok time to auction on his properties, ill pay $550 for boardwalk, anybody want to counter?
Specta40 - Its peanut BUTTER JELLY TIME!
Zabuzar - Who's that?
Spleeimp1000 - I could've sworn that gun was empty...
Kokiri01 - "Five bucks he's alive." (check out his others, page 18. They're good)
Luna Girl41 - What not to do and say at a funeral!
Do not bring in a paper airplane shaped like an Arwing and throw it, yelling "Go StarFox!"
Timberghost0 - "So, you come here often?"
Majiorpiro - Am I late for the dance party?
Lmao 99 Fish - Phew! As long as now he wont know his girlfriend is pregnant :)
Llamalord397 - Uncle Joe... How could you do such a thing?

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-- Hall of Fame -- (continued)
Bosox329 - I was informed there were free omelet bar privaleges if I sat through this thing.
Water 50000 - Eat my darkbow fool
Muzzy34 - Just don't yell out, "Oh my God! He moved!"
Reyfan923112 - C'mon people--GEEZ! We need to put the "FUN" back in "FUNeral!"
Redwarboy - Are there refreshments? I was told there'd be refreshments
Buck519 - *points at old lady* You're next.
Legostar50 - *You start having a food fight*
Gory Skillzx - stand back, I know CPR!! - Is the kareoke part after this?
Farwger - "pvp world drops SUCK!!..i got nothing when i killed him..."
Hylian Girl1 - I told you going to see Twilight with a 'Team Dracula' shirt was a bad idea (team dracula shirts say: Vampires don't sparkle in sunlight they burst into flames and die)
Kingteror - What happened to him? I thought he was kidding when he said that he would shoot himself if i wouldnt give him his wife back
Slasher 4106 - How much is this costing us? Let's just throw her into the woods :D.
Reyfan923112 - It's funny -- we all thought you'd be the first to go, Grandpa.
Vorlaith - *whispers* i didnt mean to kill him i just ment to wound him with my machine gun
Taco 1123 - ...Finally... :D
Master V65 - Don't worry he might have changed his respawn point to Falador!
Astrodude80 - Better him than me.
Docterdirt - So whats the occasion?
Aessa1 - What a fun way to end a saturday :)
Annonymous M - *Goes up to girlfriend* "Do you know if he died instantaneously when he hung himself in the closet? I heard his girlfriend was the reason.
Sports Fan86 - Sorry in advance for killing him. I mean...
Masterb294 - If it makes any difference, I thought he was a puma
Aessa1 - Wow that coffin makes him look faaaaaaat!
Kolwolski - *carrying spade* so how much am I getting payed for this?
Littlemh1 - "Mummy said it was food colouring.."

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