Hunter/Huntress Academy Teams

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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Ok, so it says not to advertise other websites, so I'm not going to use any actual names of shows or sites.

...Although from the team names you can probably guess what I'm referencing.

In this game, you simply put in your username, or the name you would like to use, along with a few other optional details if you like, and then you get sorted into teams with four other players, which is pretty much based on what four-letter words I can just about make with the first letters of each name.



- All jagex rules apply
-Discussion/chat is allowed as long as it is not spam
-This is not a RP, so we're not going to start writing stories about our teams and characters
-When entering your character, don't exceed one post. Some details are allowed, though.


Example post:

Name: Bob TehNoob

Colour: Colours are for noobs

Race: Human

Weapon: Bronze sword, wooden shield

Semblance: Dancing for money plox and not being a noob.

(yes it can be something as ridiculous as this if you like)


Example team:


, Ophelia, Oswald, Bob

Have fun!

17-Sep-2015 15:19:06

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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I'll go.

Name: Duncan

Colour: Brownish green

Race: Human

Weapons: A scroll of paper, and parts telescope out of each end to turn it into a staff, which can fold to have blades at either end and can split in half, so it can be used as a dual blades, staff or glaive/lance. Also pens with dust-infused ink.

Semblance: Can use images to project solidified energy into the shape of the object depicted, e.g a weapon such as a sword. Can use this, combined with dust infused ink, to summon elemental weapons e.g fire-swords etc.

Appearance: short brown hair, short beard, glasses, wears blue jeans and a green hooded, borwn trimmed coat that resembles a cloak or robe.

17-Sep-2015 15:27:02

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