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Just a thought

I used to like bonds, they gave players an opportunity to switch from free play to members buy earning enough in game wealth to purchase them. But, currently the price of a bond is kind of unattainable especially for a new free player just learning runescape and wanting to try out members.
There are several reasons I feel behind this...some good, some bad so would like to see some changes to bonds.

1. Make two separate bonds. A gold bond that is used for membership only. A second bond that can be used for purchasing keys and promotional items.

2. A cap on the number of bonds you can purchase at one time equal to the amount it would take to purchase one years membership.

3. A cap on the amount you can trade a bond for.

Why do I think this is needed? It keeps the prices reasonable and allows more players to experience runescape. Having 2 seperate bonds will also make the game more money. Because those wanting the promotional items will have to buy more keys or the silver bonds.
I'd list the bad things but then thread probably get locked.

Can't really post the bad bad reasons because, thread probably be locked turning into flames...

25-Oct-2017 14:26:30

Serene Steel
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Bonds aren't meant to be obtained by newbie F2Ps.

Most people will recommend to have your skills in the 50-60 range before you get membership (with 40 being rather low) so you can start earning that money for bonds right away.

The whole idea that makes bonds work is that supply and demand is the only thing that drives the price.
If you do 3, why would I (a person who rarely buys bonds to swap for in-game gold) ever get bonds when they're below the price cap? There's no roof on bond pricing right now so if you just want to buy bonds and sell for cash, you do it when they seem appealing.
Smart people plan for this time of year when prices skyrocket due to Premier Membership.

There's already a buy limit on bonds. On the G.E it's 150 bonds every 4 hours.
If you mean putting a limit on how many bonds you can buy with IRL dosh, they have that too, but it's up at hundreds of dollars.

As for point 1, I can't say I'm for it (and honestly, I'm confused as to why), but look over at OSRS bonds. They're dirt cheap because all they can be used for is membership.
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25-Oct-2017 15:13:38

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Didn't we have this discussion just like a month or two ago?

1 won't work since nobody would spend money on the membership bond when they can get more gp/$ from the key and promo bond. They'd end up the same price, just with a likely lower supply of membership bonds and a slight lag between the two's prices when one changes.

2, why, what's wrong with the current buy limit?

3 will just lead to more bond shortages by increasing demand (As price for a service decreeses, demand for it functionally increases since more people can afford it) and decreasing supply (less incentive to purchase bonds with money since the amount of gp you can get from them is capped).

And of course bonds are currently at ridiculous prices, premier membership is coming up.

25-Oct-2017 15:50:06

Ammon Sethos

Ammon Sethos

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could just put a price cap during premier season. or, remove buying premier with bonds altogether.
idc who you are or how much gp you make in the game, 21m to much for just 2 weeks (and its still climbing, because of scumbag tactics.) Its a lot like people who hike up water prices during natural disasters... and everyone knows it.

25-Nov-2017 04:13:21

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I really don't think equating bond prices with the sleeze that try to profit off natural disasters is really appropriate here -- especially given the year some have had with actual natural disasters. Horribly thick and insensitive analogy, actually.

I'm not sure what evidence exists for questionable "tactics" either. The increase in bond prices was predictable due to the fact they can be used for Premier membership. The demand from that alone probably explains most of the effect.

That said, I agree that 21M is too much for two weeks. So, using them like that isn't smart right now, if it ever is.

And we all know why separate "categories" of bonds are not going to be made, and why.

25-Nov-2017 14:22:28

Ammon Sethos

Ammon Sethos

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well I live in said areas where those natural disasters happen, but yeah the bonds skyrocketing isn't nearly as bad as such, its the same type of thing at its core.
and to me there's plenty of evidence to suggest such tactics, "oh premier time's coming better stock up on bonds"... that's it, and I see it all the time in-game. stocking up on bonds to make more money at the expense of people who play with bonds..

25-Nov-2017 18:59:45

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Ammon Sethos said:
Its a lot like people who hike up water prices during natural disasters... and everyone knows it.

It's nothing like that.

Water is a necessity. RuneScape is a luxury.

To compare your desire for a luxury with a necessity for life is offensive and insensitive.

There's nothing wrong with stockpiling bonds to buy premier club. It's actually a good idea - I understand that many people buy their bonds throughout the year when the price is lower and hang on to them until the end of the year, so that they can buy premier club.

If you don't want to buy bonds to pay for your membership, there's always the option to subscribe for real world money.
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25-Nov-2017 23:26:44



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I don't think the "cap" was meant for amount only. I am more concerned with the price jump, I thought bonds were there to keep people playing. Bonds keep some people paying, but for me the 5m gp jump in a month is crazy. I do not have the gp/hr to pay 20m a bond. I play seldom to some, usually a few hours spread through the day and there is no reason for me to pay $ for so little time online.
Bonds were the answer, with this jump however when my bonds run out I will have to quit playing again. I cannot do any training, or questing, I would have to spend every moment online hunting down gp.

27-Nov-2017 05:15:05

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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Serene Steel said:
Bonds aren't meant to be obtained by newbie F2Ps.

My account was created at the end of September, so it's a mere 2 months old, so I'd say I'm still a newbie. However, I've already reached the point where I can make millions fairly easily through a variety of activities.

Today alone I reached a point where I have a money-making method that brought in 12M GP in just a single day. It's a method that is still doable in F2P, so perhaps now is the point where I could feasibly start thinking about Bonds.

However I still have a massive ton of things I need to get done in F2P first. I just can't stand the idea of going back and doing F2P quests, achievements and other things if I'm on a Bond timer - so it STILL isn't a thing I'll probably be doing for a couple more months at least even though I have 107M right now: because it's unlikely I'll ever need to return to F2P once I buy a Bond and can continue to sustain membership.

If I'd taken my time, rather than 12-hour-a-day'ing NovtumberFest and utterly milking Open Weekend, I wouldn't have this money making method open to me for a long time.

OP, my advice to you is take full advantage of any and all events that give bonus XP or higher rates of XP to the Smithing and Mining skills :)

And the most important thing: Bonds will look nearly impossible to afford, and the price scaling is scary when you're new, but once you see how much money some F2P activities bring in your jaw will drop and Bonds will suddenly seem easy to afford. So hang in there :)

27-Nov-2017 08:10:09 - Last edited on 27-Nov-2017 08:22:46 by Uncle Pob

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