Vindicta unprofitable, fix pls

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Kiwy said:
Since the update where rune salvages and so on were added, you have also been getting Stone spirts, which are worth very little.

It is very frustrating when im killing bosses, where the average drop is worth about 150k, the boss im talking about is vindicta.
When im killing vindicta , 50% if not more, are stone spirits, so the profit we make per trip has been halved. instead of getting dragon bones worth around 400k, which is common, we get stone spirits for 10k, this makes the boss non profitable, please look into this and make them drop the normal drop aswell as the stone spirits, because right now, stone spirits drops instead of the normal drop, dropping our profit fom about 4m and hour to 2m an hour, which i think is unreasonable.

Would be super appriciated if you could look into it, a update shouldnt harm the game it should make it better in my opinion
I dont want stone spirits (10k) to drop instead of my Dragon Ride Lance (30m)
Thx for reading
Dragon Rider Lance droprate is the same. Stone spirits don't replace drops, they replaced the old Runite ore/Coal drops which were really common.

Vindicta was really OP for how easy it is. You could do a better boss instead.
You'll get it when you deserve it.

12-Mar-2019 08:03:35

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