Orikalkum equipment

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1) I can only assume they will. There has always been a distinction between Slash, Crush and Stab, so it makes no sense that for an entire tier of weapons there would be only one type.

2) The update only just came out. It seems to me they were desperate to get something to us since it had been sooo long we were waiting. Honestly it does make me wonder what we pay the devs to do. They must eat a lot of cheetos...

3) Personally quite a big fan of the Orichalkum gear. I've always liked hammers and getting a 2h hammer for the first time outside of Granite maul seems super cool to me. Hope it is not the only metal to get one. Love me some Elder Rune 2H Warhammer +5.

13-Jan-2019 13:09:05

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