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Being a rank in a large FC it can get very vulgar and very inappropriate very fast from spammers and trolls. My suggestion would be to remove any messages from the FC from a person that is kicked. This would allow for some of those extremely inappropriate things to be removed so as to not disturb the flow of the chat. Who knows, perhaps this could deter people from saying these things if they know it won't stay in chat once they are kicked.

This would appear after the player has been kicked from the fc

[fc] Name: message removed
[fc] Toxic: Attempting to kick player from friends chat...
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I believe that the chat history is on the client side, rather than constantly being updated from the server, so there would need to be a client-side update allowing messages to be removed, and we all know that client updates aren't simple... that being said, I support :-)

Edit: while they are at it, perhaps they could give a feature so when a player is muted (for spamming hack sites for example) their text is also removed? that would be nice :-)
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