Elder Rune Hatchet +5

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Didn't notice due to it being a skill I haven't touched in a while and don't plan on training until i get 3 other skills to 120.
But there isn't any hatchets to make. Yes there is still the basic Bronze - Rune, but the fact that an Elder Rune Pickaxe +5 exists, it would be nice to have a Hatchet version as well.

Not sure if there is plans for a Woodcutting update any time soon, but adding higher tier hatchets, as their main use is to store in tool belts, wouldn't be such a bad thing to add now. People would then be able to freely remove their crystal hatchets, which ofc would be lower tier, but at least use it for invention perks until a proper Woodcutting update came out with a t90 upgraded hatchet that still uses perks.

11-Mar-2019 12:02:42

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